Tuesday, 14 July, 2020

Bad news from Bill Gates for the USA

Bill Gates Bill Gates says US missed chance to avoid coronavirus shutdown, businesses should stay closed
Deanna Wagner | 26 March, 2020, 23:40

But there's no way around it. Gate believes that isolation is the only way for the United States to escape the awful outcomes like what happened in Italy and Wuhan.

Gates said more states need to enact shelter-in-place orders or make it a point to close all but essential businesses as a way to quickly "flatten the curve", a term used by medical experts to describe reducing the spread of the virus to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed.

While some are describing the situation as "just watch Netflix and chill", the reality is that most people can not work from home, and the likelihood of a recession, or even depression, is high due to the probability that many businesses will be unable to recover from the mandatory shutdowns.

"In the Chinese case, it was like six weeks, so we have to prepare ourselves for that and do it very well", Mr Gates said. He added that the time to act was in January, a few weeks after the viral outbreak began in China last December.

He also hinted that an "extreme shutdown", if implemented effectively, could mean that, in six to ten weeks, countries could start opening up again. He continued: "South Korea took advantage of February, built up the testing capacity and they were able to contact trace and the infections have gone down even without the type of shutdown that, because we're late, we're having to do". Gates said, "It is very hard to tell people this; keep going to restaurants, buy new houses".

"The U.S.is past this opportunity to control (the coronavirus) without shutdown", Gates said. "Testing has got to be organized and prioritized, that is super urgent".

MI among the top states practicing social distancing
Wayne County decreased distance traveled by 44%, and Macomb saw a 51% decrease, with Oakland leading the pack with a 55% decrease. Unacast's location data is collected from games, shopping and utility apps downloaded and installed on phones around the world.

Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates said on Tuesday that the US missed the chance to avoid mandatory quarantines because he did not act fast enough in the Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic.

While Gates understands the devastating economic effects of a prolonged lockdown, he believes that people's lives are worth more than mere money.

It is true that their stocks are taking a hit, but a survey of business leaders expressed optimism that the economy will rebound within a year. The economic, not to mention emotional and societal impact, of so many jobs lost will be huge.

A new strain of Coronavirus, COVID 19, is spreading around the world, causing deaths and major disruption to the global economy.

Trump is advocating a middle ground where the healthy return to work, while the more vulnerable stay at home. Despite such numbers, the economy of the United States was not shut down during that pandemic. So far, the United States has registered 54,808 cases with 775 deaths.