Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Britain's PM announces lockdown to tackle coronavirus

Coronavirus UK UK govt orders three-week lockdown to tackle Covid-19
Deanna Wagner | 25 March, 2020, 09:21

"If you don't follow the rules, the police will have the power to enforce them" by breaking up public gatherings and issuing fines, he added.

Amid mounting concern over the number of people still traveling around the country, Johnson said people should not be meeting anyone with whom they do not live.

In an address broadcast to the nation on Monday evening, Johnson urged Britons to stay home to save lives. We note that hotels and restaurants must close, except for delivery and takeaway, as well as pubs, and clubs, and shops, except supermarkets, corner stores, petrol stations, bike shops, post offices, banks, auto rentals, and others.

Public gatherings of more than two people will be stopped, as will social events including weddings and baptisms, but not funerals.

Although for many this creates further questions, the country needs to work to both the spirit and the detail of the measures that have now been put in place.

The prime minister said the measures were necessary to tackle "the biggest threat this country has faced for decades".

"The way ahead is hard, and it is true that many lives will sadly be lost", Johnson said.

You can find the government's stay-at-home rules for people, here [PDF] and for businesses, here [PDF].

As for couples who don't cohabitate, England's deputy chief medical officer, Jenny Harries, said "they should test the strength of their relationship" and decide whether to move in together.

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Greg Abbott has been under pressure to order a statewide measure similar to the ones in California and NY , but he has resisted.

Hancock described those not heeding official recommendations to stay two metres apart from others as "very selfish".

"Our police officers are already very stretched", he told BBC television. But for some older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia.

"He is not taking coronavirus as seriously as he should and I am afraid he will pay the consequences for this".

The government said Tuesday that more than 11,000 retired doctors and nurses had answered a call to return temporarily to work.

Last week, the elderly and people with underlying serious health conditions were told to self-isolate for 12 weeks.

Critics say British authorities have acted too slowly to avert an Italy-scale crisis.

Schools have been closed, as have pubs, bars, nightclubs, theatres, cafes, and leisure centres, and mass gatherings have been banned.

They mean the United Kingdom following countries like Italy, Spain and France into stringent restrictions on day-to-day life to suppress the virus, after weeks in which Britain has maintained a lighter-touch approach based on voluntary rather than mandatory actions.

"I think we need permits across controlled areas to go to a workplace", she said. "We needed total lockdown".