Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty 2020 is reportedly ‘a gritty Black Ops reboot’ Call of Duty Leak - Next Game to be Black Ops Reboot, Zombies to Return
Cecil Davis | 25 March, 2020, 04:25

We awarded the original Modern Warfare 2 - known as much for its infamous No Russian level as its influential FPS gameplay - a 9.5/10 review, saying it was "hands-down one of the best first-person shooters out there", but bemoaning its short campaign mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision's new battle royale (BR) game that released less than two weeks ago, has more than 30 million players, the publisher announced on Friday.

India to go into COMPLETE lockdown from midnight - PM Modi
A number of Indian states have ordered lockdowns in the past few days, in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading. This money will be used for testing, PPEs, ICUs, ventilators, and training medical workers, he underlined.

The campaign is reportedly taking place during the events of the Vietnam and Cold Wars, and will see the story unfold from various different perspectives. It will allegedly span the entire 40 year history, and will be even more gritty and gruesome than 2019's Modern Warfare. There have been reports since 2018 where a leak suggested that only the campaign of the game would get a remaster. He will also livestream a play session of Black Ops 1 and states that he'll be dropping behind-the-scenes (BTS) info as he plays. We will also see big multiplayer matches such as 32 v 32 Ground War, and multiplayer DLC will supposedly be free too, as it is with the current Call of Duty game. Maps will utilise the classic 3-lane system. Instead, players will have to use a stim shot to regenerate - though this may change.

Killstreaks will include UAV, counter UAV, a dog-based one, a flamethrower, and a bomber plane which destroys any other sky-based streaks. Frank Woods in Treyarch's Black Ops series has teased something in a new video. On that front, TheGamingRevolution is claiming that unsurprisingly, perks and pack-a-punch will be returning. Tranzit, the classic Black Ops II map could be returning - although this detail is less certain.