Monday, 13 July, 2020

Clap for our carers: National round of applause planned for 8pm tonight

A general view of signage showing its appreciation to the NHS amid the coronavirus outbreak in London Capital XTRA is supporting 'Applaud Our NHS Heroes' this Thursday
Adrian Cunningham | 26 March, 2020, 23:54

So pause your Zoom chat this evening and show some support for all the people working around the clock to keep us safe through this crisis.

The concerts of our favourite artists have been cancelled, sports have been postponed, and our favourite restaurants closed - we really have pressed pause on life as we know it here in the UK.

"The best thing we can do - apart from staying at home - is to use our skills and networks to say thank you to everyone who is supporting the NHS and risking their own health to help others during this pandemic".

They really are the unsung heroes of this country - and, even though this is only the beginning of what looks set to be a challenging and hard few months... we here at Capital XTRA want them to know, on behalf of you and everybody listening right now - how much they are appreciated...

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Radio X presenter Moyles rallied his listeners to "make some noise for the thousands and thousands of people (in the NHS) that we'll probably never meet, just to say "thank you" for everything they are doing for us" with a powerful message.

At 8pm tonight (Thursday, March 26) residents in East Devon will join in with the national movement to show support for those working in the NHS, carers, food and medicine delivery drivers and shop workers.

Organisers of "Clap for our Carers" are asking everyone to clap at 8pm from your front door, window, balcony, garden or wherever you are.