Thursday, 01 October, 2020

Coronavirus Deaths: Spanish Military Finds Dead Bodies At Elderly Care Center

Epoch Times A firefighter disinfects the entrance of a hospital in Burgos Spain
Deanna Wagner | 26 March, 2020, 00:58

"The army, during certain visits, found some old people completely abandoned, sometimes even dead in their beds".

She said although "the vast majority" of nursing homes "are fulfilling the obligation" to care for their residents, others that are not.

Spanish authorities have been forced to use a Madrid ice rink as a makeshift morgue on ice to cope with the soaring death toll from coronavirus in the country, which is now the 3rd-highest in the world.

Simon also said 5,400 health workers have been infected by the coronavirus that is relentlessly marching across the world from China, some 14 % of the country's total cases.

"With everything that is happening with the coronavirus, this was a ticking bomb", said a Spanish woman whose mother lived at a nursery home where some dead were abandoned.

The shelter, to be managed by the Red Cross, will allow up to 1,000 homeless people to isolate themselves in hygienic conditions, Barcelona's Mayor Ada Colau said. Only 200 people live at the privately-run residence. Emergency makeshift hospitals have popped up across the country, with citizens being advised to not step out unless to buy essential supplies.

The assessment comes as reports revealed the pathogen was expanding throughout a broader geographical location in Spain than in Italy where it is mainly focused in 3 locations.

Paramedics arrive in an ambulance at the Elder retirement home in the town of Tomelloso, central Spain.

Citing virus concerns, officials in Iowa reduce prison, jail numbers
Prisoners due at court will be discharged to attend unless a judge or magistrate deems it is essential for them to appear. He stated that he could have to contemplate the choice of releasing a number of prisoners early to "alleviate pressures".

The event will be "postponed due to the exceptional circumstances we are experiencing" since "people's health and safety is the priority", the organising committee said in a statement on Tuesday.

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One onlooker can be heard shouting: 'Come on, you are going to be fine, they are going to take very good care of you, don't worry, you will be back very soon!'

Pere Godoy, president of the Spanish Public health Society, notified El Pais paper: "I believe it was a mistake to enable the big geographical dispersion that happened in the days prior to the introduction of isolation, something that might have facilitated the dispersion of the infection".

The transfer of the residents is reportedly a temporary measure as the Emergency Military Unit is disinfecting the nursing home.

A total of 2,696 people have now died and there are 39,637 confirmed cases.

In the capital Madrid, which has seen the highest number of cases and deaths, that could take up to 24 hours, officials said.