Thursday, 09 April, 2020

USA to Indict Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro for 'Narco-terrorism': Senator

Nicolas Maduro President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro President of Venezuela
Deanna Wagner | 26 March, 2020, 18:50

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, center, and first lady Cilia Flores, wave to supporters as they leave the National Pantheon after attending a ceremony to commemorate an 1800's independence battle, in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019. He is the subject of a new federal indictment.

Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, has been indicted on US federal drug-trafficking charges, a major escalation in the Trump administration's campaign to force Maduro from power, according to a federal official briefed on the matter.

Attorney General Bill Barr announced Thursday that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro with narco-terrorism.

Alongside Maduro, Venezuela's vice-president for the economy, Venezuela's defence minister, and the supreme court's chief justice are among the list of 15 current and former officials who have been indicted. They emerged in superseding indictments from federal authorities around the United States, Barr said.

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He is also alleged to have coordinated with FARC in the training of an "unsanctioned militia group" that acted as a de facto armed forces for the Venezuelan cartel.

Washington backs opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who previous year declared himself interim president.

Four people familiar with the case say the Trump administration announced indictments against Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and members of his inner circle for effectively converting Venezuela into a criminal enterprise at the service of drug traffickers and terrorist groups.

Barr said that Venezuelan leaders and the Farc faction organised an "air bridge" from a Venezuelan airbase transporting cocaine to Central America and a sea route to the Caribbean.