Friday, 05 June, 2020

Fired, commander of U.S. aircraft carrier infected with Coronavirus

Trump mask given to Captain Crozier: Darcy cartoon Navy Captain Relieved of Duty After Warning of Ship Outbreak Has Reportedly Tested Positive for Coronavirus
Deanna Wagner | 07 April, 2020, 18:54

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said he did not consult with anyone at the White House before he chose to fire the captain of an aircraft carrier for his lack of leadership in the face of a coronavirus outbreak, according to a report. The visual of Crozier's former crew cheering for him as he left the ship caught everyone's attention.

Modly, however, clarified that Capt. Crozier was not relieved because of any evidence that suggested he leaked the memo to the press.

Esper said "we need to take care of the sailors on the ship", adding that there have been 155 positive coronavirus tests on the Roosevelt.

Last week, Crozier wrote a letter to senior Navy officials urging them to take "decisive" action to quarantine the crew of Theodore Roosevelt due to a coronavirus outbreak and to thoroughly clean the ship.

Modly's decision to strip Crozier of his command was supported by Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Modly also criticized Crozier's decision to send the letter by comparing it to China's obfuscation over the coronavirus, with which China "put the world at risk to protect themselves and to protect their reputations", Modly said.

Modly said the letter, and the leak, amounted to a betrayal by the captain, who was responsible one way or another. And these are tough people. "That's not appropriate, I don't think that's appropriate".

The Navy declined to comment about Crozier to Newsweek Sunday.

Crozier's ousting was announced on April 2 by Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly, who said the captain allowed "the complexity of his challenge with the COVID breakout on the ship to overwhelm his ability to act professionally when acting professionally was what was needed the most at the time". "It creates a panic, and it creates the perception that the Navy is not on the job, the government's not on the job, and it's just not true".

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As of Monday, 173 of the ship's crew have now tested positive for coronavirus and 61% of the crew have been tested, according to a Navy official.

The New York Times claimed Cpt Crozier started showing symptoms while still on board the warship.

Crozier's crew members showed their disapproval of Modly's decision by posting videos online last week of their captain's emotional sendoff.

As a Navy veteran, I know that this means his career is ruined and over.

Well, he now has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the New York Times. The letter was published in the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday.

"I'm sorry that's the way the country is now, but it's the truth, and so they use it to divide us they use it to embarrass the Navy", Modly said.

Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called Crozier's dismissal "close to criminal".