Friday, 05 June, 2020

Without ever having held a briefing

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham greets Rep. Matt Gaetz  in the East Room of the White House before US President Donald Trump addresses his Senate impeachment trial in Washington DC Grisham out as West Wing press secretary without having held a briefing
Deanna Wagner | 07 April, 2020, 19:39

Stephanie Grisham will leave her role as White House press secretary without ever giving a single briefing.

Grisham will return to the East Wing as Melania Trump's chief of staff and spokeswoman.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham played a more behind-the-scenes role for President Trump than his two previous spokespersons. Before taking the role as the top White House spokesperson, she worked for the first lady.

"I continue to be honored to serve both the President and First Lady in the Administration", said Grisham in the release. She is one of the last remaining original Trump campaign staffers to still be working in the White House. Grisham said her replacement will be announced "in the coming days".

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Grisham replaces Lindsay Reynolds who, the statement said, resigned early this week to spend time with her family.

McEnany rose to prominence during the 2016 campaign when CNN began featuring her regularly as it sought to add voices supportive of Trump's upstart candidacy to its roster of more traditional pundits. Sanders replaced Sean Spicer, and discontinued the practice of daily or near-daily press briefings.

Grisham was not a fixture in the inner circle of advisers to President Trump, as her predecessor Sarah Sanders had been, although White House officials have praised her loyalty.

The president has since led the revival of the daily press briefing himself during the coronavirus crisis, offering an unprecedented level of access to White House reporters. "If true, how ironic that the press secretary would hear about being replaced in the press", Grisham said in a statement to the publication. She later reportedly tested negative for the virus. She also attempted to justify derogatory comments Trump made about the deceased husband of a MI congresswoman who supported his impeachment, saying the president was a "counter-puncher".