Tuesday, 02 June, 2020

Apple iPhones finally have a solution for FaceID while wearing a mask

Apple Update Alerts When Someone With Covid-19 Is Near iOS 13.5 update rolling out with Face ID improvements, exposure notification API, more
Cecil Davis | 23 May, 2020, 00:42

To access the updates, go to Settings General Software Update.

"What we've built is not an app - rather public health agencies will incorporate the API into their own apps that people install".

The official iOS 13.5 release notes indicate that this update will remove the delay before showing the passcode field on iPhones with Face ID when it detects you're wearing a face mask, allowing you to type your PIN instantly.

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Apps that incorporate the Exposure Notification API will use Bluetooth to track and identify people in contact with an infected person. The two tech giants released this new software Wednesday so public health authorities can use Apple-Google technology to create COVID-19 contact-tracing apps that will vary by state. We detail Apple and Google's Exposure Notification system in our guide here. This includes signing in to App Store, Apple Books and more, or granting permission to purchase or download something from App Store. Tap the box that says COVID-19 Exposure Logging with the word "Off" underneath it. Here's how to update iOS on an iPhone, and how to update iPadOS on an iPad. If a person has tested positive for Covid-19, their iPhone can share a list of everyone they've been in contact with to the cloud. The effort requires transparency from the public and organizational efforts from health authorities. For example, iOS 13.5 also provides an update to Facetime in which the automatic arrangement of video tiles in group calls can be disabled if desired. By default, Group FaceTime will have ea tile for each person, but the person speaking gets a larger, more focused tile.

There's a new toggle in the Health app for showing Medical ID info on the Lock screen when an ‌iPhone‌ is locked, and you can now share Medical ID information automatically with emergency dispatchers when placing an emergency call.

The new version of iOS is now available to download on supported devices, and it includes a number of new features as well as various bug fixes and improvements.