Friday, 05 June, 2020

NASA Scientists Might Have Found Evidence of a Parallel Universe

NASA Scientists Detect Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backward NASA finds evidence of parallel universe where time runs backward
Sandy Nunez | 23 May, 2020, 17:36

The researchers utilized NASA's Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) - a radio identifier that is mounted on a balloon, that can perceive interminable ray air showers revealed, dry air above Antarctica, where there is practically no radio upheaval to turn its exposures, according to a report by the Daily Star. "They were probably a result of our imperfect understanding of the Antarctic ice, but there's a chance some new physics phenomenon is responsible".

"Explaining this signal requires the existence of a topsy-turvy universe created in the same big bang as our own and existing in parallel with it", New Scientist describes. What is ANITA and the NASA connection? .

The experts used a giant balloon to carry NASA's Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna, or ANITA, high above Antarctica, where the frigid, dry air provided the ideal environment with little to no radio noise to distort its findings. As the temperatures go up, the ice will melt and create a moisture-filled environment that the algae would be able to thrive in. The aforementioned high energy particles initially thought to be coming down in Antarctica, though scientists have now discovered that isn't the case at all. ANITA flew up to an altitude of 123,000 feet above the surface of Antarctica.

According to CNet, the particles discovered do not have any harmful effects on humans. However, if they do collide with an atom, secondary particles will burst out from them.

The particles are going the wrong way
NASA Scientists Might Have Found Evidence of a Parallel Universe

That means the high-energy particles can only be detected coming "down" from space, but the team's ANITA detected heavier particles, so-called tau neutrinos, which come "up" out of the Earth.

Principal ANITA investigator Peter Gorham, of the University of Hawaii, suggested the only way a particle could behave that way is if it changed into a different type of particle before passing through the Earth and then back again.

Of course if there were any inhabitants of this mirror universe, they'd see ours as the backwards one.

"This whole parallel universe thing was not invented by us but somehow we have gotten tagged with it", said Gorham. But if they do smash into an atom, they produce a shower of secondary particles we can detect, which allows us to probe where they came from in the universe. "While I am not opposed to free speculation regarding the anomalies we have observed, our own opinion is that they are more likely to be explained in terms of physics, that is likely to be much less exotic".

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