Tuesday, 02 June, 2020

PS5 Reveal Event - Sony’s Plans And Pricing

What makes PS5 reportedly 100x faster than PS4 Thanks to the High-Speed SSD, PlayStation 5 Runs About ‘100 Times Faster Than PS4’
Cecil Davis | 23 May, 2020, 01:11

It looks like we'll see both prices in August. In a way, the ad would mimic Sony's PS4 marketing playbook, as the PS4's original design was unveiled in June 2013. We will give you updates of this once they arrive.

Under the PS5 section, the document addresses the console's approximate speed. Most notably, the SSD will increase the console's processing speed, pretty much eradicating the need for load times. The PS5 and Xbox Series X teams seem determined to wait each other out, like a siege.

In a corporate strategy meeting headed by Sony Corporation President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, it was revealed that the PS5 will boast processing speed "approximately 100 times faster than the PS4".

The PS5 has had rumoured pricings all the way from almost $900 to just under $400, but it makes sense to not want to reveal the price too soon: Microsoft is hovering over the PS5, looking to undercut it. It's the one thing they *can* still change.

What makes PS5 reportedly 100x FASTER than PS4
BREAKDOWN The document makes some bold statements

The announcement of pricing will put all the promises and new technology into context, and we can't wait to see how much the eight console generation is going to cost.

On a related note, we heard that Microsoft was looking to lower the price of the PS5, so Grubb's tweet is not surprising.

Recent reports also say that Sony may have a limited stock of PS5 for launch, and that the console may be more expensive than some people expect. With major games slated to release alongside its launch this holiday season, it's no doubt that it will sell well.

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