Tuesday, 02 June, 2020

Quarantine for UK arrivals from June 8

SAGE member pours cold water on government plans to quarantine people coming to UK UK government set to announce 14-day quarantine on arrivals
Deanna Wagner | 23 May, 2020, 00:24

The British Government has announced a mandatory 14-day coronavirus quarantine for all incoming travellers from overseas.

The government is expected to announce that all worldwide arrivals, including returning Britons, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and provide details of where they will be staying to the authorities.

Border Force Director General Paul Lincoln said people will be asked to provide details of where they will be staying when they arrive in the UK.

Those who breached the quarantine in England could be fined 1,000 pounds ($1,218), and spot checks would be carried out by health and border officials.

All global arrivals, including returning Britons, will have to self-isolate and provide details of where they will be staying under the plans, which were criticised by airlines, business groups and politicians alike.

Road hauliers and medical officials would be exempt, as well as those arriving from the Republic of Ireland.

Another investigation from three Central government hospitals in New Delhi indicates that among healthcare workers involved in COVID-19 care, those on HCQ prophylaxis were less likely to develop infection, compared with those who were not on it.

Ms Patel said the measures were being brought in for "very clear" reasons, adding the Government and Foreign Office is still advising people to embark on only "essential" travel.

First evidence jab can train immune system to fight against COVID-19
The company has not yet brought a vaccine to market, but it has a variety of vaccines for infectious diseases in its pipeline . By the standards of medical studies, such early, partial data are considered the territory of specialists and day traders.

Virgin Atlantic said quarantine would prevent services from resuming and claimed there "simply won't be sufficient demand to resume passenger services before August at the earliest".

There had been rumours of a travel bubble between the United Kingdom and France, which would allow easy movement between the two countries without an isolation period, but that's not on the cards for the time being.

"Public Health England will set up an assurance service to contact people at random to ensure that they understand the requirements, and to also ensure that they are self-isolating".

Removal from the country could be used as a last resort, it said.

Since the start of lockdown, air travel has been off the table unless it's essential travel. Once they arrive there, they should not leave their accommodation for 14 days.

France says it may quarantine people arriving from an area "where the virus is circulating", but it has not published a list of targeted areas.

In another development, China's COVID-19 vaccine trial has shown some promising results as world is seeking solutions to the pandemic.

"As we are able to gather more data and have better surveillance of a rate of infection in different parts of the country then we will be able to lift measures quicker in some parts of the country than in others", the prime minister's official spokesman was quoted as saying.