Saturday, 30 May, 2020

Twitter's New Function To Limit People Who Can Reply To Your Tweets

Twitter test lets users limit who can reply to their tweets Twitter has Fix for Unwanted Tweet Replies
Cecil Davis | 23 May, 2020, 14:21

"Beyond limiting 'reply guys, ' this allows the person tweeting to host fireside chats, interviews, and other types of invite-only convos with just a small group or single person", Twitter said in its announcement. It's unclear why Twitter isn't ready to roll out the feature to all users right now. The feature is live for me on both of the platforms, as you can see in the featured image and the image below.

Twitter is giving users tools to avoid abusive or annoying replies, MakeSpace raises $55 million and Sphero gets a new CEO and a new spinoff.

Adding, "But sometimes, unwanted replies make it hard to have meaningful conversations".

While most of your tweets can be meant for your followers at large, you might want to keep some tweets, and the conversations around it, restricted to a certain bunch of people. Here, you will select who you would like to reply to the message; the options are, everybody, people you follow or people you mention only.

"Being able to participate and understand what's happening is key for useful public conversation", said Suzanne Xie, Twitter's director of product management.

Twitter test lets users limit who can reply to their tweets
Twitter is trying out new settings for who's allowed to reply to your tweets

The limit on who replies does not affect who can see the tweet, as it will be available to all users.

The restrictions to replies also do not impact likes and retweets. If no one else is mentioned in the tweet, then nobody can reply.

With the change, users can limit replies to everyone, those they follow or only those mentioned in the tweet.

The new feature is now available to limited users globally as it is still being tested. People can still like and retweet (with or without a comment) too.

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