Saturday, 30 May, 2020

Verizon Turns on Sweet New Feature in All 5G Cities

Verizon Turns on Sweet New Feature in All 5G Cities Verizon now supports 5G uploads across its network But uploads won't be as fast as downloads
Cecil Davis | 24 May, 2020, 02:40

Verizon hopes to create smaller 5G networks that can get into the nooks and crannies of buildings, where pole-based 5G cannot reach.

The report claims that Verizon's sustained success can be put down to its signal strength results, which have generally been stronger than those of the other carriers across the United States, and Verizon's signal to noise ratio (SNR), which the report hailed as "exceptional".

America’s Finest City will now be a 5G Ultra Wideband city. Verizon’s 5G mobility service offers a powerful experience that impacts industries as diverse as public safety, health care, retail and sports.

First and foremost, the company announced that it's allowing uploads on its 5G network, swinging people away from using 4G for sending videos to YouTube, playing online games, or sharing photos on social networks.

"Verizon's results have generally remained a step above those of the competition in many aspects, and that was again the case in early 2020, with consistently fast speeds and strong reliability results across the board", said Suzanth Subramaniyan, Director of Mobile Networks, RootMetrics.

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Verizon on Wednesday said that it has enabled 5G uploads in all of its current 5G markets in the USA, though coverage in those areas might be limited. Verizon has also disclosed that 5G ultra-wideband services will initially be deployed across parts of Kensington, Linda Vista, SDCCU Stadium, Mission Valley, and in Banker's Hill on 1st Avenue.

Verizon said that users will initially see 5G upload speeds of up to 30% faster than the existing 4G LTE. Chicago's 5G Home subscribers also will be able to take advantage of this newly added feature. T-Mobile launched its nationwide 5G network in December, and just announced further expansion of coverage into the Sa Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Calif., and Tampa and Orlando in Florida.

OpenSignal is out with its latest report and it's all about 5G.

As we continue to expand mobile and home coverage across the country, Verizon will work with leading technology partners to further advance the 5G ecosystem and bring revolutionary 5G experiences to our customers.

25G upload coverage area differs from 5G download coverage area. The bad news is that 5G speeds vary widely from one provider to the next - and so does the availability of 5G signals.