Saturday, 30 May, 2020

WHO Calls for Universal Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

106,000 COVID-19 cases recorded in 24hrs — highest toll in a single day The largest number of infected in a day since the outbreak of the pandemic
Deanna Wagner | 23 May, 2020, 15:25

"In the last 24 hours, 106.000 new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the world, which is the largest daily increase in the number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic", the WHO Director General said, adding that nearly two thirds of those cases were registered in four countries. According to the WHO's daily report, the majority of new confirmed cases are coming from the Americas, followed by Europe.

Elsewhere at the briefing, Dr. Mike Ryan, head of WHO's emergencies program, said the "tragic milestone of 5 million cases" would soon be hit.

The resolution, which emerged from the United Nations health body's first-ever virtual summit, also requested the organization's director to continue to work to identify the animal source of the virus as well as how it spread to humans, in collaboration with the World Organization for Animal Health, its Food and Agriculture Organization and member countries. But the pandemic is still unfolding.

Dr Tedros later warned the world still had "a long way to go in this pandemic".

More than 325,000 people have lost their lives, according to the AFP tally.

"We are very concerned about rising cases in low and middle income countries", the director-general said.

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Tedros said he had always been looking for other sources of funding for the WHO, saying its 2.3 billion dollar budget was "very, very small" for a global agency, around that of a medium sized hospital in the developed world.

"COVID-19 vaccines should be classified as a global public good for health in order to bring the pandemic to an end", he said, adding that this is one of the four critical points from the resolution by World Health Assembly.

Pressed on the ultimatum, Tedros said only: "We have received the letter and we are looking into it".

"This review will ensure we have a complete and transparent understanding of the source, timeline of events, and decision-making process for the WHO's response to the COVID-19 pandemic", wrote Giroir, who is one of the board's 34 worldwide members.

The latest figures from World Health Organization come amid an increase in testing throughout the globe along with a relaxation in lockdown rules in numerous countries from Europe to the United States, as well as middle and low-income economies such as Brazil, India and Indonesia, as pressure grows to reopen businesses and restore economies. In contrast, CGTN has been unable to find a single credible figure from the scientific community who believes COVID-19 was artificially created.

Despite these concerns, the Brazilian health ministry issued new guidelines on Wednesday approving wider use of the two drugs in mild coronavirus cases.