Saturday, 30 May, 2020

World Health Organization says S. America is a 'new epicenter' of the coronavirus pandemic

Brazil the worst-hit country in South America registered more than 100,000 infections from the coronavirus by Sunday with more than 7,000 deaths WHO leader refuses to be invested until 'several conditions' are met
Deanna Wagner | 23 May, 2020, 02:57

First drafted by the European Union, it was first initially proposed by 100 World Health Organization member states, including China, while the USA abstained.

Tedros, for his part, spoke to the board and pointed proudly to a long list of actions taken by World Health Organization to respond to the outbreak - without directly alluding to the Trump administration pressure that was highlighted by Giroir. "In the last 24h, there have been 106,000 cases reported to WHO-the most in a single day since the outbreak began".

Questions are being raised by some countries, including the United States, about whether WHO's warning system for alerting the world to outbreaks is adequate, and suggesting that member states might need to "reassess" its role in providing travel advice to countries.

Celebrated US epidemiologist Larry Brilliant told AFP that the WHO's structure was complicated by the fact that countries vote on every subject, meaning the United Nations agency itself has no independent authority. He said he was committed to accountability and would carry out a review into the response to the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during a press conference in Beijing that China was a co-sponsor of the draft resolution, which would boost efforts to discover "the animal sources of the virus, and evaluate the WHO's response to the outbreak".

He also rejected the notion that the draft resolution was equivalent to Australia's call for an independent worldwide investigation into the pandemic, something Chinese authorities oppose.

That work, also looking at the possible role of intermediate hosts, should include "scientific and collaborative field missions". "All this is absolutely crucial for us going forward to avoid another pandemic of this kind", she said.

PIA flight PK8303 crashes in Karachi's Model Colony
At least two passengers on the Airbus SE A320 jet survived the impact, Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab said in a tweet . The plane damaged as many as 20 houses, Ahmed Edhi, spokesman for rescue agency Edhi, said by phone from the accident site.

TheWorld Health Organisation has advised countries that COVID-19 vaccines should be classified as a global public good.

The resolution, co-sponsored by more than 130 countries, was adopted by consensus.

Early on day one, member states unanimously chose to kick the can down the road on whether to grant Taiwan observer status.

They put the decision off until later this year, when the World Health Assembly resumes for a longer session.

The row on Taiwan had threatened to overshadow this week's brief gathering. The United States reported 45,251 new cases on Tuesday, according to the agency, while Russian Federation had the second-most reported new cases Tuesday at 9,263.

The WHO chief said if the resolution is implemented, it would ensure a more coherent, coordinated and fairer response that saves both lives and livelihoods.