Wednesday, 15 July, 2020

7 killed in attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi

Pakistan Stock Exchange attack: Terrorists use grenades and guns in Karachi - many injured Gunmen attack Pakistan stock exchange building in Karachi
Deanna Wagner | 30 June, 2020, 18:40

The Arabian Sea port of Gwadar is located in Baluchistan, and is part of China's multi-billion dollar one-road project linking south and Central Asia to China.

Ethnic Baloch groups have fought a long-running insurgency for a separate homeland and a greater share of resources in Pakistan's Balochistan province.

Balochistan is a sparsely populated region, and the BLA and other militants have sanctuaries there and in adjoining areas in Pakistan.

In a statement, the Foreign Minister said he had already warned after North Waziristan terrorist attack that India could activate its sleeper cells in Pakistan.

"Straightaway, I can assure you that this terrorist incident cannot have taken place without [the assistance of an] external agency". Police have recovered weapons and hand grenades from the attackers.

Last year, the US State Department designated the BLA as a global terrorist group, making it a crime for anyone in the United States to assist the militants and freezing any US assets they may have.

He said despite the unfavourable economic conditions, Pakistan was "saved" because the government opted against completely closing down the agriculture sector.

The gunmen, according to The Dawn, stepped out of a vehicle and lobbed grenades before entering the stock exchange premises.

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During the assault, trading on the PSX continued without interruption, Sulaiman S. Mehdi, chairman of the PSX board, told local media.

For a while after the attack the bodies of at least two gunmen could be seen in a pool of blood near the exchange's entrance.

The injured people have been taken to hospital.

Two other people were also killed, the military said.

Karachi was once a hotspot for crime and violence, with heavily armed groups linked to politicians frequently gunning down opponents and launching attacks on residential areas.

The attackers launched the attack at the main gate before storming the building, Geo TV reported.

Pakistan has always been plagued by Islamist militant violence but attacks have become less frequent in recent years.

It is not clear if more assailants were involved or which group they were from.