Monday, 06 July, 2020

Louisville police and soldiers return fire, killing man; police chief fired

David McAtee Enlarge Image David Mc Atee WDRB TV
Deanna Wagner | 02 June, 2020, 19:28

Schroeder said two Louisville police officers and two National Guardsmen fired their guns in response to shots fired, and that the two police officers have been placed on leave, pending the outcome of the city's investigation.

Monday, Governor Andy Beshear talked to members of the media about the protests over the weekend and the investigation into the man who was shot and killed by law enforcement. Those policies are under even greater scrutiny as the nation has erupted in protest over the killing of black people at the hands of police.

Like protesters across the country, the Louisville marchers were incensed by the treatment of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died in Minneapolis police custody after being pinned beneath a white officer's knee for almost nine minutes.

McAtee, who ran YaYa's BBQ Shack near the scene of the fatal shooting, was killed when Louisville officers and the National Guard attempted to disperse a large group of protesters at 12:15 a.m. The officials returned fire after they were shot at.

"We lost a wonderful citizen named David McAtee", Fischer said. David was a friend to many. "[He] had nurtured so many people in their bellies, in their hearts before, and for him to be caught up in this and for him not to be with us today is a tragedy that is just hard to put into words".

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At least seven people were wounded in instances of gunfire during protests in downtown Louisville last week, prompting Beshear to call in the state National Guard.

"Officers and soldiers begin to clear the lot and at some point were shot at", Conrad said at a press conference.

Sparked by the death of George Floyd by police, protestors in Louisville had gathered in the parking lot of a supermarket Sunday night.

Beshear authorized state police to independently investigate, promising the probe will be conducted in an "honest and transparent way that will not take months". "But I think it's also really important in ensuring that we don't have violence, if people can see it and know that - good, bad or ugly - we're being absolutely transparent about it". Body camera footage could have helped to clear up the circumstances of the shooting, but it was revealed that the officers involved were not wearing them in spite of a massive Louisville PD initiative created to ensure all street officers were equipped with body cameras.

Kaitlin Rust, a reporter for WAVE, was on air Friday when she yelled and said she was "getting shot" by rubber bullets or pepper bullets. "And they come along and they killed my son". Riley said. She said she hasn't heard anything from the police and was told to wait for the coroner. McAtee was a restaurant owner on Louisville's west side, where he was known for feeding officers free of charge on many occasions.