Wednesday, 15 July, 2020

Sacha Baron Cohen Infiltrates Gun Rights Rally Posing as Racist Country Singer

Sacha Baron Cohen Image Astrid Stawiarz Getty
Adrian Cunningham | 01 July, 2020, 00:44

He then booked himself as the final act of the rally, disguising himself as a bluegrass singer - complete with denim overalls and hayseed hat - and sang songs on stage about injecting Barack Obama, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others with the "Wuhan Flu".

Needless to say, it was a somewhat unwelcome surprise to organisers when Cohen - dressed in a red skivvy and blue overalls, fake beard, and a very big hat - proceeded to play a song that referenced a number of far-right and racist conspiracies, from the coronavirus being a hoax, to it being created in a lab in Wuhan, to threatening to "inject [Obama] with the Wuhan flu". Lock her up like we used to do" and "WHO, what we gonna do?

The crowd sang back to Cohen repeating the lyrics to him.

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James Blair, a libertarian Yelm City Councilman who was there for the rally, wrote on Facebook, "He came onstage disguised as the lead singer of the last band, singing a bunch of racist, hateful, disgusting shit". He said the actor paid for additional security, who then blocked attempts to pull him off the stage or cut power to his music. "Inject him with the Wuhan flu", according to video posted on social media, which also showed some members of the crowd singing along.

The rally, which was billed as "March for Our Rights 3", took place at Olympia's Heritage Park and drew a crowd of about 500, Washington State Patrol troopers told The Olympian. Cohen is known to "troll" right-wingers for his Showtime series 'Who Is America?' Cohen dresses up in characters and gets his unsuspecting guests to say absurd things.

The councilman went on to allege that Cohen was whisked away in a "private ambulance that was contracted to be their escape route" after the crowd caught on and turned on him.

Cohen has a long history of poking fun at the far-right and US conservatives on his TV stunt show.