Saturday, 16 January, 2021

Cardinals’ coronavirus outbreak grows with four more positives, further imperiling Major League Baseball season

Big Week For Baseball 30 teams 30 thoughts and the ripple effect of outbreaks Big Week For Baseball 30 teams 30 thoughts and the ripple effect of outbreaks
Cary Erickson | 02 August, 2020, 00:41

The teams had hoped to resume play Saturday and make up Friday's game as part of a doubleheader Sunday.

Meanwhile, commissioner Rob Manfred has warned the players union that the season could be shut down as soon as Friday if players don't do a better job following league protocols - from the more egregious things like going out to bars, to on-the-field no-nos like high-fives and spitting.

The silver lining to this ticking time bomb is that only eight of 11,895 total tests this past week came back positive for organizations other than the Marlins, with only two of those being players.

Several teams have had games postponed due to the outbreak among the ballplayers.

At least 21 members of the Marlins' traveling party have been infected by an outbreak at the start of a season-opening trip.

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Díaz consistently tested negative while the season was on hold, but he chose to become the first Miami player to opt out. The Marlins have been quarantining in a hotel in Philadelphia, where they concluded a three-game series with the Phillies on Sunday.

"We are playing", Manfred told Ravech.

Given that baseball could face additional postponements if more players test positive, MLB and the players association have agreed to stage 7-inning double headers as necessary in an effort to preserve pitching in any potential make-up games. "Players are seeing what can happen", Houston manager Dusty Baker said.

St. Louis learned of its first two positive tests Thursday night from samples taken Wednesday before a game in Minnesota. With the Marlins players still quarantined and not playing, numbers can not go up.

But as much as there is a grim comedy in watching a bad Marlins team try to muddle its way through an outbreak, the situation with the Phillies must have even Manfred reconsidering his opinion on nightmares.