Saturday, 08 August, 2020

Donald Trump ally Herman Cain dies of coronavirus

Former U.S. presidential candidate Herman Cain dead after being hospitalized for coronavirus Herman Cain dead at 74
Deanna Wagner | 01 August, 2020, 18:57

Liberals on Twitter wasted little time politicizing the tragic death of former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain as a result of COVID-19, blaming right-wing ignorance about the virus promulgated by President Donald Trump for killing the 74-year-old conservative commentator.

Herman Cain, the pizza chain executive who rose to prominence in Republican politics before being felled by a sex scandal, has died after being admitted to hospital in July with the coronavirus.

"Herman Cain - our boss, our friend, like a father to so many of us - has passed away", Cain's website editor, Dan Calabrese, wrote on the website announcing his death. He's been known to be vocal regarding his opposition to wearing a mask, especially for Trump's event at Mount Rushmore.

Cain released a statement on Twitter on July 2 less than two weeks after attending President Donald Trump's indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Almost simultaneously with the news of Cain's death breaking, Trump tweeted an odd message promoting a Long Island pizzeria. He also was active in public policy, where he was the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, Missouri. He made a decision to drop out of the race following these allegations and denied all claims.

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Mr Calabrese noted that because of his history with cancer and his age, Mr Cain was in a high-risk group.

"Because I ran as a Republican for president and the United States Senate, and because I am an outspoken voice of conservatism, an outspoken voice of the Constitution and the laws, I'm being attacked", Cain said. But, they didn't know him.

Trump spoke of his admiration for Cain in a double tweet posted Thursday, calling him a "Powerful Voice of Freedom and all that is good". Last year, the president nominated Cain to a seat on the Federal Reserve Board, the US central bank, but Cain withdrew after opposition mounted against him.

During his opening monologue, Cuomo stopped short of declaring Trump directly responsible for Cain's death. "We will never forget his legacy of grace, patriotism, and faith", she wrote.