Monday, 03 August, 2020

Epic Games Store Finally Gets Achievements and Mod Support

Epic Games Store now has an achievements system Epic Games Store Gets Achievements and Support for Mods
Cecil Davis | 01 August, 2020, 12:24

The announcement about mod support came days after the company officially confirmed that EGS will now display achievements in Ark, Kingdom Come, Killing Floor 2, Escapists, Death Stranding, and Satisfactory.

Including mods can include enormous charm to a recreation and support to increase their lifespan.

The Epic Games Store is introducing an additional piece of features that it lacks in contrast to opponents like Steam: mod guidance. Well, it seems like the time for pointless achievements has finally made its way onto the free game-giving store as they've started cropping up in a certain game. Historically, mods had to be form of hacked into a activity. Now, Epic ultimately has a beta of that identical technologies.

The official website for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries goes into some more detail, and highlights a few of their favorite mods that are already available.

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The MW5 Mod Compatibility Pack by Sketch is an effort to increase compatibility between Mods, enabling creators to focus their work and coordinate with others to improve their work.

MechWarrior 5 will provide as a test circumstance for Epic's mod integration.

The first game to get mod support received the update in just one day. We don't know if Epic themselves, developers, or publishers, or perhaps the community of players will shoulder the burden for curating the most interesting mods going forward. Apparently Ark is now the only game on the store that supports achievements, so it's less widespread than we originally expected.