Friday, 07 August, 2020

Hyper Scape launches August 11

Hyper Scape PS4 Open Beta Release Date Confirmed Season 1 Dated Hyper Scape Launching on PC, Xbox One, PS4 on August 11
Cecil Davis | 02 August, 2020, 15:30

Season One will include a total of 11 guns and 11 hacks.

Eurogamer reports that according to Ubisoft, Season One will feature its own story arc in "Hyper Scape" and will introduce a number of new limited-time modes to complement the core Solo and Squad Crown Rush action. The first method is to play for at least an hour the open beta of Hyper Scape, the second requires instead to observe one live streaming of the game on Twitch for one hour. This will be on top of the 11 weapons and 11 hacks available at launch for the game. With an all new trailer, Ubisoft has announced the end of the beta, the start of Hyper Scape Season 1, and its launch in mid-August.

Ubisoft have confirmed that Hyper Scape will be on Xbox One and PS4 when it launches. The Open Beta will continue until 2nd August, which means you only have two more days to complete the current 30-tier Battle Pass. Players will experience new gameplay content and new Crowncast features.

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A battle royale meets Ready Player One: what could go wrong? Hyper Scape Season 1, titled "The First Principle", is set to launch on August 11 via Uplay.

"As the Open Beta period comes to an end, the development team wishes to thank players (even those who technically haven't played yet) with the opportunity to earn 600 Bitcrowns, Hyper Scape's premium in-game currency". Players get Bitcrowns by simply playing the game, or by purchasing packs of Bitcrowns with real money on the Ubisoft or first party stores. Intense, surprising and spectacular, Hyper Scape brings Battle Royale to new heights. Additional customization items will be available through the in-game shop.