Saturday, 08 August, 2020

SA's Covid-19 situation 'can be turned around'

Coronavirus ‘Young people are not invincible,’ warns WHO says they are partly driving new cases Women wearing mask walk along the seafront on July 27 in Quiberon France. | Fred Tanneau AFP
Deanna Wagner | 02 August, 2020, 08:00

The committee gathered in Geneva on Friday exactly six months on from its declaration that coronavirus was public health emergency of global concern (PHEIC), its highest level of alert.

Geneva: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has sounded alarm bells on pandemic saying coronavirus is once-in-a-century health crisis and its effects to last for decades.

"It's sobering to think that six months ago, when you recommended I declare a PHEIC, there were less than 100 cases and no deaths outside China", he said Friday. "And whether we're speaking of Covid-19, or sexual and reproductive health, or smoking, or other non-communicable diseases, human behaviour is at the root of it", said Professor Sunstein, who is founder and director of the Program on Behavioural Economics and Public Policy at Harvard Law School.

The committee can suggest new suggestions or amend present kinds.

However, there is little doubt that the World Health Organization will maintain the pandemic's status as a PHEIC - its highest level of alarm - first declared on January 30.

The United States, which accused the organisation of being too close to China, officially began its withdrawal from the organisation in July.

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Vietnam recorded its second coronavirus death as the country battles a new outbreak of COVID-19, which emerged in its city of Danang.

"Many scientific questions have been resolved; many remain to be answered", Tedros said Friday.

"Early arises from serology (antibody) research studies are painting a constant image: most of the ..."

"So although we are dealing with a global pandemic, not all countries are experiencing large, uncontrolled outbreaks".

The very restrictive lockdowns enforced to offer with the pandemic earlier this 12 months prompted economic turmoil and an productive vaccine may perhaps be the only extended-term solution to the hugely contagious respiratory disorder.

Tedros further advised that people everywhere must learn to live with the virus, and to take steps necessary to protect themselves and others, including those who are most at risk, such as the elderly and people in long-term care.