Saturday, 08 August, 2020

Trump's demand for election-night results is deceptive and risky

President Trump to visit Tampa Friday Political President Trump to visit Tampa Friday
Sandy Nunez | 02 August, 2020, 15:23

Instead, the president sought to portray his provocative suggestion that the election be delayed as stirring a needed public debate.

Biden said he thinks Trump may use his office to intervene and predicted earlier this summer the president might try to delay the contest: "Mark my words, I think he is going to try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can't be held".

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That has actually consisted of a push in different states for policies such as improved signature matching, requirements for individuals to submit an application prior to they get a tally and limitations to when and where mail-in tallies will be counted- things election professionals have actually stated might lead to less votes being counted from groups that alter Democratic. And they say the "projected winner" or the "winner of the election" - I don't want to see that take place in a week after November 3 or a month or, frankly, with litigation and everything else that can happen, years.

President Trump on Friday pointed to the still-undecided election results in New York's 12th Congressional District, which was inundated with absentee ballots on June 23, as an example of the chaos looming if states rely on universal mail-in voting in the November presidential election.

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The move was widely seen as a setback for the pro-democracy movement that has been building there while China tightens its grip on Hong Kong. The former vice president might be portrayed as a radical and fresh change for the country, but will Trump's incumbent advantage, vocal disdain at potential election results and the "silent majority" ultimately allow him to win?

"Maybe you'll never know the election results, and that's what I'm concerned with".

The city saw a huge surge of mail-in ballots this year during the coronavirus pandemic - 403,000, compared with 23,000 in the 2016 primary. Many states expect to be scrambling to process millions more in November. "Everyone knows mail-in ballots are a disaster".

In some states, the ballots can be accepted several days after Election Day, as long as they are postmarked before polls closed.

USPS is recommending that voters who are voting by mail send in their ballots at least one week before Election Day. That could lead to a national roller coaster ride as the votes are counted. So Trump's comments about delayed results must be read in the context of his fear-mongering about inaccuracies and fraud connected to the expanded voting by mail necessitated by the coronavirus. More than a week later, after election officials were able to tally all the mail votes that arrived on Election Day, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema won the senatorial race by more than 2 percentage points.