Saturday, 08 August, 2020

Victorian woman fails to comply with COVID-19 border direction

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Gustavo Carr | 02 August, 2020, 13:30

On Friday, Tasmania also announced it would ban travellers from Queensland who visited premises linked to coronavirus cases.

It is not the third woman who works at YMCA Chatswood Hill outside school hours care.

Dr Young confirmed it was possible the new case was infectious when she worked her last shift at the aged care facility and added that authorities were expecting more cases of COVID-19 in Queensland over coming days.

Traffic has been flowing through the border blockade relatively smoothly, with varying delays, in stark contrast to the chaos seen when Queensland reopened its border to all travellers but Victorians on July 10.

Authorities are bracing for a south-side cluster as contact tracers continue to chart the paths of Muranga and Lasu through Logan and Brisbane while showing signs of the highly-infectious virus.

Instead, she continued to socialise in Ipswich and Brisbane, going out to dinner at a Thai restaurant in Springfield on Sunday and a noodle restaurant and dessert and cocktail bar in Southbank on Monday, according to health authorities.

'She and her hubby have actually been definitely model residents, they actually and really have actually been amazingly wonderful, ' Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young stated.

"They had chosen themselves to go into quarantine in their that was an excellent response from those people", she said.

"He did everything that he should have done. but it does mean that this is a risk", Dr Young said.

Evers Orders Masks Statewide
That death count is the 28th-highest in the country and the 35th highest per capita, at almost 16 deaths per 100,000 people. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald , a Republican from Juneau, said Evers may have opened himself to legal challenges.

"It is incredibly important now more than ever if you are feeling sick you must go and get tested".

The island state now requires all non-essential travellers to quarantine but will lift that restriction on 7 August to residents from South Australia, the NT and Western Australia.

"I don't think you could be too cautious".

"Police are investigating an incident where it appears that two people have attempted to stow away in the back of a truck", Mr Miles said.

It is believed Ms Muranga and Ms Lasu lied to Police about where they'd been when they returned to Queensland.

'We are dealing with them (the aged care center) to keep all locals safe, ' Mr Miles stated.

However, Queensland Health has advised that any individuals who have been in the below locations during the relevant times should monitor their health and immediately present for testing if they are experiencing any relevant symptoms.

"I'm absolutely furious that this has happened", Ms Palaszczuk said.

The hardwares giant has put in place "incredibly comprehensive protocols" for hygiene and cleaning during COVID-19 across all stores.