Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

Biggest World War 2 bombs located in Poland explodes while being defused

World War II “Earthquake Bomb” to be defused by Police Divers INSIDENE
Deanna Wagner | 18 October, 2020, 04:13

BBC reported a Polish Navy spokesperson as saying that it was expected that there was a 50-50 chance that the bomb would explode.

Not one of many demolition specialists have been damage within the explosion.

"The explosive device - called" Tallboy" and capable of inducing a little quake -has been found in September a year ago in the base of a delivery station in Swinoujscie, on the southern shore.

A massive World War II bomb exploded during a delicate operation on Tuesday to defuse the five-tonne device in a channel near the Baltic Sea but no one was harmed, Polish officials said.

"The operation was carried out completely and safely and the bomb is secure now", Lt Col. Lewandowski stated.

Approximately 750 inhabitants were evacuated from their homes on Monday throughout the risky operation.

World War II “Earthquake Bomb” to be defused by Police Divers
CBS News

Instead, it had planned to use a technique known as deflagration to burn the explosive charge without causing a detonation, using a remotely controlled device to pierce through the shell to begin combustion.

"Lewandowski promised that the explosion was" with out hazard for all these straight concerned with the surgical procedure", and in addition the bomb" may very well be considered neutralized".

"Some residents instructed AFP they've refused to depart, stating the" most important menace" was the likelihood of catching COVID-19 at a sports activities corridor the place taxpayers are being given refuge.

Tallboy was developed by British engineer Barnes Wallis during the Second World War.

The ship's cannons were used to hold back the progress of the Soviet Army and the Lutzow was finally captured for target practice after the war.

An earth-shaking blast from the 5.4-ton "Tallboy" bomb was unleashed by Navy demolition experts Tuesday near the country's Port of Szczecin, where it was discovered a year ago, the Evening Standard reported.

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