Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Kim Jong-un's Wife Has Not Been Launched in Public Considering January

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends a ceremony in front of the monument to the martyrs of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army in Hoechang County South Pyongan Province in North Korea Explained: Yellow dust, which North Korea has warned could be carrying Covid-19
Deanna Wagner | 25 October, 2020, 09:43

"China needs allies when confronting the United States, and North Korea needs to secure China and other allies for future US negotiations", Yang said, South Korean news service Newsis reported Thursday.

On Thursday, the Rodong Sinmun newspaper, a government mouthpiece, said "all workers... must clearly recognise the danger of invading malicious viruses" in response to the dust cloud, the BBC's Disinformation Team noted.

These were the details of the news North Korea warns of "yellow dust" from China loaded with viruses. for this day.

The Rodong said Thursday the public should guard against fine yellow dust.

North Korea has not reported cases of COVID-19, but has imposed border restrictions and preventive quarantine measures. The main way people get infected is from standing in close proximity to someone who is infected who then coughs, sneezes or talks, spreading the virus through droplets.

North Korean state media claims that because the Chinese coronavirus has been linked to airborne transmission, North Koreans "should take the incoming flow of yellow dust seriously", NK News reported.

The dust had cleared from the Korean peninsula by Friday and was forecast to stay that way on the weekend.

The behavior of Kim Jong-un's regime raises the question that what is likely to spread the Wuhan virus more?

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Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry, meanwhile, reported fighting in territories close to the line of contact that divides the sides. Azeri forces say they have made territorial gains, including full control over the border with Iran, which Armenia denied.

Can Covid-19 be transmitted through dust clouds?

It is true that the novel coronavirus can remain in the air for some time. However it said that infection by this method was extremely unlikely.

"There is no evidence of efficient spread (i.e., routine, rapid spread) to people far away or who enter a space hours after an infectious person was there".

"The DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed our Embassy and other diplomatic missions accredited here, as well as global organisations, that due to the expected approximation of the dust storm, all foreigners in the DPRK are highly recommended from the morning to the end of the day 22 October, exclude the exit to the city and stay home, tightly closing the windows", its post read.

On Thursday, the Russian embassy in North Korea wrote on Facebook that North Korea's Foreign Ministry had ordered all visitors to the country and its staff to wait out the dust storm inside.

"As we were explained, these measures are due to the fact that, together with particles of "yellow dust", ..."

North Korea depends on China for economic assistance and trade, but China has also been the source of trans-boundary pollution.