Tuesday, 15 June, 2021

Amazon's Making An Upgraded Version Of Its Echo Frames Available To Everyone

Echo Frames smart glasses Echo Frames smart glasses
Cecil Davis | 22 November, 2020, 04:11

Alexa Routines have been around for years, but they've been getting some nice upgrades in recent months. They were announced as a "Day One" product, made in limited quantities and only available via a special invitation.

As well as working with Alexa, Amazon says the Echo Frames also support access to Google Assistant and Siri, depending on which voice assistant you use on your smartphone. The frames are now up for pre-orders and will start shipping on December 10, according to reports. If the user has more Alexa-compatible products, such as smart lamps, Echo Frames can be used to manage connected devices.

Finally, the Echo Frames are now available in three color options, including Modern Tortoise, Horizon Blue and Classic Black.

Amazon has said that the battery life on the upgraded Echo Frames has improved and is now 40% longer. When you take off the glasses, you can put them upside down on a surface for three seconds, and they will automatically turn off. The first model had open-ear speakers where you would hear replies, and the new model can automatically adjust volume based on how loud your surroundings are. The company also added a VIP Filter to notify only from certain apps and contacts. The Echo Frames direct solid to your ears while limiting what others can hear. Users can also turn off the microphone by double-pressing the action button. They come with a charge cable, plug and case.

Echo Frames are available in Modern Tortoise Horizon Blue and Classic Black
Echo Frames are available in Modern Tortoise Horizon Blue and Classic Black

While the Echo Frames accompany non-remedial focal points, they are viable with most solution focal points. Echo Frames have now exited its testing phase, with a bunch of new updates for those eager to wear the assistant on their face.

The change will enable users to issue voice commands, like "Alexa, Bangalore ka Mausam batao (What's the weather like in Bangalore)" or ask questions, like "Alexa, Bharat ka Pradhan Mantri Kaun hai?"

Customers who had the Day 1 Edition Echo Frames will be able to update their frames for $70 which is roughly around Rs.5,200.

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