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BTS Releases Their Fifth Album 'BE'

BTS 'BE' BTS gathers around bonfire in 'Life Goes On' music video teaser
Adrian Cunningham | 22 November, 2020, 16:33

Accompanying their new album was the official music video for the lead single "Life Goes On", directed by band member Jungkook and exuding warmth and comfort.

BTS will perform live in South Korea on December 31, their first concert since cancelling a world tour in April due to the pandemic. But with touring being put on pause, this allowed them time to really dive into making this album personal, for both themselves and ARMY.

The K-pop group shared a preview Tuesday of its video for the song "Life Goes On".

In it, the boys are seen reminiscing upon their shared moments together, in the vehicle and at campsites thorough old home movies.

The English single "Dynamite" is among the tracks on the album, and the first number, "Life Goes On", aims to deliver a "message of healing" in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Big Hit said. Also, the other members have worked on the album too, so it is obviously special.

Near its end however, the entire theme changes into more of a monochromatic feel.

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The news elicited a myriad of reactions both positive and negative, but Halford has shared his support for the former Hannah Montana star.

"Skit" is BTS's first non-music track since Love Yourself: Her's release in 2017; the goal of the skits are to just have BTS talking amongst themselves about certain happenings or events.

BTS never forget their fans, and they deeply expressed the grief of not meeting them in the track, Telepathy. I mean, seriously, what is it these boys can't do.

BE concludes with "Dynamite", which RM said has the same roots as "Life Goes On", so it serves as the "firework finale" to the album.

The Army never fails to reciprocate the love they receive from BTS. If you aren't a fan of BTS [yet], I think BE would be a great place for you to start.

Meanwhile, BTS will be holding their first comeback stage of "Life Goes On" on November 22 through the '2020 American Music Awards'.