Wednesday, 27 January, 2021

GeForce Now comes to Safari on iOS, Fortnite on the way

Nvidia Epic to bring'Fortnite back to iPhones in'near future GeForce Now enters beta on iOS
Cecil Davis | 21 November, 2020, 17:10

This driver also includes NVIDIA Reflex support for Destiny 2 and delive.

GeForce NOW is currently primarily distributed via Mac and PC apps, as well as through dedicated apps on Android and the Nvidia Shield streaming box.

In addition to removing Fortnite, Apple also said it would terminate all of Epic Games' developer accounts and cut it off from its development tools starting 28 August. The teams are looking forward to delivering a cloud streaming Fortnite mobile experience powered by GeForce Now. The service is now in beta and will allow players to stream video games directly to their iOS devices via Safari. While the founders tier is a paid subscription, currently priced at $4.99 monthly or $24.99 per 6 months, allows gamers access to RTX features and priority access to the Geforce Now servers.

However, it looks like iOS users may not have to wait that long to play a fully updated, complete version of Fortnite on their phones again.

As the legal fight between Epic Games and Apple drags on and enters new battlegrounds, Fortnite remains conspicuously absent from the App Store. The tech company told Bloomberg earlier this year that this was due to how the apps bundle games, rather than letting them be searched and purchased separately across the rest of the App Store. Simply fire up the browser, head to, sign into your account, and start gaming.

Federal Government Tables New Climate Change Legislation
This is because the bill simply states target goals and the timelines in which they would be achieved. It is apparent that Canada has not achieved their 2020 target and will possibly miss the 2025 target.

In order for cloud gaming services to be approved, Apple argued, each title available through those services would need to be individually submitted. Neither Google nor Nvidia publicly spoke out about Apple's position on cloud gaming.

The streaming service will be available in the USA and Europe, according to Nvidia's FAQ, but there are already plans to expand worldwide.

Google today announced that Stadia, its cloud gaming service, will be coming to iPhone and iPad in the near future through an upcoming web app. However, Fortnite isn't ready for the iOS version of GeForce NOW quite yet, and Epic and Nvidia are working to bring improved touch controls to the game. With over 80 games now on Stadia, and 135 to be available before the end of the year, seeking approval for every title isn't practical.

But Nvidia hasn't tested the new PlayStation 5 console's DualSense controller and can not confidently say it will work. The initial version of the service will require an accessory called a game pad that attaches to an iPhone to give it buttons and directional pad similar to a console or PC game controller.