Monday, 25 January, 2021

Google TV is coming to more TVs with TCL's 2021 lineup

TCL Move Audio S600 Source TCL
Cecil Davis | 14 January, 2021, 17:42

Its Roku-enabled line of TVs are some of the more popular low-budget options available in the country. Android TV, at least in the USA, was relegated to being an option for the brand's more affordable 3-Series and 4-Series TVs. This is a technology that high-end competitors, such as Samsung and LG, are only just beginning to use. The company says these details will be announced while launching in specific regions.

According to Shobana Radhakrishnan, Senior Engineering Director, Google TV, they are excited to partner with TCL to bring Google TV to consumers around the world and that the Google TV is a more helpful and delightful television experience that will help users find the content that they love to watch.

TCL had also held an earlier global press event where it espoused its overarching AIXIoT "connection, display, interaction" strategy to "encourage adoption of intelligent lifestyles" with the TV as the hub at the center, said Tiago Abreu, head of TCL's X-Lab Industrial Design Center. But will its range still be affordable?

As for LCD TVs, TCL is updating its mini LED backlighting lineup.

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It is unclear which of TCL's television lines will run the software or what features the TVs will have.

"Faced with the growing need for public demand, presenting the right devices is indispensable for making quality calls, both in sound and image", said the company.

In 2021, TCL will also introduce The XL Collection, which features three 85-inch displays at various prices and resolutions. This is a good thing for consumers as Google TV gives users access to app and services through the Paly Store rather than Roku's closed system that requires services like HBO Max, Disney+ and others to come to an agreement with Roku for their services to be featured on the platform.