Monday, 25 January, 2021

LG Rollable teased again with hands-on videos of its extending display

This image provided by LG Electronics Inc. on Jan. 11 2021 shows Reah Keem a virtual human designed by LG Electronics speaking at the company's press conference for CES 2021 LG is set to produce a rollable phone concept soon
Cecil Davis | 14 January, 2021, 19:20

When is it out?

LG then revealed that the Rollable will be available to consumers, with the smartphone/tablet hybrid rumoured to be released in March 2021. So it could be landing very soon. The LG Rollable appeared briefly in the video, although the executives didn't disclose any information about the device. "The smartphone is less than 10mm thick, making it significantly thinner than the foldable smartphone", said TCL in a statement. LG used to be one of the few phone makers in the highest segment with its flagships.

Not so for the LG Rollable.

LG also introduced "Reah Keem", a virtual human that the company created with artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies. But it is worth noting that it is still not done yet and as expected the company avoided going into any further details around the device. The next display of the LG Rollable would be found right at the end of the press con, which names the device. You can see all of that in the GIF above.

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LG shocked the world with excitement and astonishment as it unveiled a seemingly unreal concept smartphone, the LG Rollable, which morphs its display in extending its size and reverting to original so it can fit pockets.

Last year, LG rolled out the LG Wing, a device with two displays stacked together, the top one could swivel out into the horizontal mode. That might mean only one side will on the finished phone, but it's equally possible that both will and that LG simply chose to only show one.

The Rollable's screen tech will be powered by BOE Technology Group - a Chinese electronic components producer. But in the case of LG, it seems to be a possibility. Instead, the interface - which is nearly certain to be Android - can adapt to suit how much of the screen you have on show, extending or contracting the UI and any apps accordingly. Rollable phones present a solution to the creased screens of foldable devices.