Friday, 05 March, 2021

Microsoft Edge 88 Adds New Themes, Password Manager, and More

Microsoft Edge browser gets updated with loads of new features and themes Microsoft Edge 88 reaches the Stable channel this week, here's what's new
Cecil Davis | 24 January, 2021, 07:05

Using a password manager and two-factor authentication represent normal choices these days, and we're also fans of them. There's always a risk of your login credentials getting exposed in one such hack or leak. The feature is rolling out with Microsoft Edge 88 starting this week.

According to, Microsoft strengthens password security for the Edge browser by informing the user if his passwords got compromised. It also works with a variety of machines, including those with relatively old CPUs, so that anyone can take advantage of Password Monitor.

Another feature aimed at security is the new password manager, which functions as a repository for multiple passwords across services and can generate new passwords if you are signing up for a service for the first time or changing your password. You are safe on the move without memorizing complex strings. So Edge version 88 adds a password generator.

In a way, Microsoft is playing catch up here.

Like its rival Google Chrome, Edge is also based on the Chromium browser engine, meaning that both browsers have in common enough features and functionality. It's still nice to see the browser picking up these much-needed features.

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On this new coverage, the Redmond they haven't stopped including new options to Microsoft Edge, a few of which don't catch us unexpectedly, since we now have already heard about them within the check model, or as a result of their deployment is progressive, that's, it step by step reaches customers, as an alternative of activating fast method for all of them.

Likely the most exciting features from a consumer standpoint is the introduction of new themes in Edge. Edge supports using different themes for different accounts, so you can set your personal account to show off Microsoft Flight Simulator and have your work account show off Mt. Fuji.

Microsoft has rolled out a new update for its Microsoft Edge browser.

This is another of those "stay in your flow" highlights which may not speak to all clients; the individuals who need it can open the new tab page, click the in addition to sign close to snappy connections and add Outlook as a proposal to see their three latest messages or potentially start another mail or meeting demand straightforwardly from the new tab page. You can also install themes from other stores if you don't like any of Microsoft's first-party themes. Microsoft said it plans to bring more of its Fluent design system to more of its products, but didn't share details. "They are built from a consistent key-line and grid which allows for more visual consistency when scanning menus, lists, etc", Microsoft says.

The general look of Edge may change, but Microsoft is adding a number of useful features as well. It will help boost Edge's performance by "improving memory and CPU resource usage", as per the blog post.