Monday, 25 January, 2021

Oregon National Guard activated for possible protests

Members of the National Guard gather at the US Capitol as the House of Representatives prepares to begin the voting process on a resolution demanding US Vice President Pence and the cabinet remove President Trump from office in Washington. [Erin Scott  Re In Pictures: National Guard troops arrive before US inauguration
Cecil Davis | 14 January, 2021, 22:37

After the deadly riot on January 6, the D.C. National Guard surrounded the Capitol with rifles and filled the halls as the House convenes for impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump, whom lawmakers have accused of inciting the attack.

The Massachusetts National Guard will send up to 500 members to Washington, D.C., to help boost security around the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden after the attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol last week.

The Oregon State Police said in a statement Wednesday the Guard would be deployed as necessary and their deployment locations wouldn't be made public.

A large presence of guard members dressed in fatigues and carrying rifles guarded the outside of the building on Wednesday, while others lined the corridors of the Capitol.

Five people died on January 6 when Trump supporters attacked and shut down the US Congress in an attempt to halt the certification of Biden's election win. That's insurrection. That's sedition.

Arkansas Guardsmen will work alongside several other states' National Guard units, the D.C. Metro Police, the U.S. Park Police, the U.S. Capitol Police and the Secret Service.

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The FBI said agents are on heightened alert ahead of Inauguration Day as well, warning that armed groups have planned to stage a "huge uprising" to protest Biden's presidency.

Authorities are concerned about threats of violence at the Capitol and elsewhere.

Officials have said it is important for the troops to be armed for their self defense and that they are still in a support role of law enforcement forces.

Gov. Phil Scott, a frequent critic of Trump who has called for the president's removal from office for inciting the insurrection, approved the mission, which takes some soldiers out of state at a time when they are also supporting COVID-19 relief efforts in Vermont.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the chamber's top Republican, had opposed impeachment but said: "That doesn't mean the president is free from fault. The president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack on Congress by mob rioters".