Friday, 05 March, 2021

Set to give more details on COVID-19 vaccine program

Farm workers receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at Tudor Ranch in Mecca California Jan. 21 2021 Farm workers receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at Tudor Ranch in Mecca California Jan. 21 2021
Deanna Wagner | 24 January, 2021, 03:04

Phase 4 is anticipated to begin in July 2021 for the rest of the eligible population, starting with people aged 59 to 55 and working backwards in five-year age increments until everyone over the age of 18 who wants a COVID-19 vaccine receives it. It is the first time since January 7 that no new COVID-19 deaths were reported in Mahoning, Trumbull or Columbiana counties. It took eight months to reach 10,000 fatalities, but it took less than two months to double that.

The discrepancy between the number of doses administered and the number of doses distributed to the state is even more concerning given our understanding that many hospitals have received far fewer doses than requested recently.

Public heath officials say the number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in Jackson and Josephine Counties, is 37, increasing by 2 from the previous day.

"Public health officials tell us what is most important is for everyone to obey health orders, wherever they are, rather than imposing mobility rules", he said.

"Our goal is to vaccinate all Riverside patients (those in our primary care practices as well as those who use our outstanding specialists) in the newly revised 1b grouping and as many in the community that we can as supplies are made available to us".

"We are hopeful vaccine production and shipments to California will increase", he said. Moving forward, we ask that there is more timely and transparent reporting around the number of doses administered across the state, that hospitals and health care providers be assured of a reliable and sufficient stream of vaccines to meet their local needs, and that there is greater coordination at the state level among the parties involved in vaccinating Virginians.

He said the province remains committed to ensuring all those who have had the first shot get a second dose within 35 days.

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A level four yellow warning of a significant risk of damaging winds has also been issued by SAWS. SAWS said the storm is moving west south westwards at a moderate speed of approximately 22 km/h.

The ODH listed 17,215 total COVID-19 cases in Mahoning County as of Friday with 14,920 presumed recovered and 337 deaths.

At the current rate, though, he said the "vaccination effort will likely extend well into 2022".

That's according to an analysis released Wednesday by the county's Department of Health Services, which found that the chance someone will die from the disease while hospitalized increased from about 1 in 8 in September and October to roughly 1 in 4 since early November.

About 4 million doses have been shipped to the state, with almost 1.8 million doses administered, according to the state's vaccine tracker. He also noted the need for much of the medication to be used as second doses for people who have already received the first shot. Please note that this does include vaccine administration through the CVS as part of the Federal Pharmacy Partnership.

Shapiro said he has spent hours calling multiple health agencies and making fruitless computer searches, an experience familiar to many people across the United States, as the days-old administration of President Joe Biden races to bring the country's slow, chaotic vaccine rollout up to speed.

"It's very frustrating", she said.