Friday, 16 April, 2021

‘The Walking Dead’ Teases Extended 10th Season with a Trailer

New The Walking Dead Trailer for Extended 10th Season Revealed! Maggie is looking for justice in new trailer for all those extra The Walking Dead episodes
Adrian Cunningham | 24 January, 2021, 02:49

There's a good amount more teased, including Robert Patrick as new character Mays, masked warrior Elijah (played by Okea Eme-Akwari, Cobra Kai), and Eugene's (Josh McDermitt) group feeling the pain thanks to that faction, the Commonwealth.

It's a tense trailer, teasing the path of revenge Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has taken and what looks like some of Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) origins story (which fans of the comic will certainly know as a major part). Seeing as the topic has been touched upon by Negan himself on the series, it would hardly be a spoiler to point out that Lucille-the name Negan eventually bestows in morbid fashion to his signature, head-bashing barbed-wire baseball bat-died of pancreatic cancer, leaving him to regret his woefully unfaithful ways during their marriage.

Each of the six episodes will explore their own contained story in the aftermath of the Whisperer War's conclusion. That means interacting with his deceased wife Lucille (Hilarie Burton Morgan) on what aims to be a tough night of solitude.

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The Walking Dead is a story that started 10 years ago with one man trying to find his family. Moreover, judging by the ease-and clear competence-with which she dispatches the walker, it could also be the case that television Lucille managed to stick around in the timeline for a significantly longer time than her comic counterpart (à la Carol).

In fact, Right here's Negan in the end culminates when Negan meets Dwight and Sherry, forming-amongst a small camp of survivors-an early, extra earnest and upright model of the Saviors. But, the onscreen storyline will probably be used to distinction how far Negan has come after the Whisperers Warfare from his former capability as a murdering, post-apocalypse Svengali extortionist. The face-to-face encounter between Maggie and the man who murdered her husband is imminent in the next scenes.

The Walking Dead bonus episodes premiere Sunday, February 28th at 9/8c on AMC and AMC+.