Friday, 16 April, 2021

Canada will receive 4M Pfizer doses by end of March

French health body: one vaccine dose if you have had Covid Escalating variant spread threatens third wave – top docs
Adrian Cunningham | 13 February, 2021, 16:49

"There are 4 to 6 million people in these groups", he said.

But the troubles aren't entirely over.

He warned that non-vaccinated staff have the potential to transmit the disease to patients, who are vulnerable to COVID-19 related complications and death.

Trudeau said he spoke with the head of Pfizer this week and announced that four million doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be arriving in Canada by the end of March.

"When you think about the disparities as it relates to white versus Black and Hispanics getting access to this vaccine, it's pretty disturbing", said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley. In the days since deliveries slowed to a crawl, and faith in the rollout plummeted.

The Department of Public Health reported Tuesday that of the 1,283,700 vaccine doses shipped to MA so far, 910,412 doses had been administered, or about 70.9%.

There are no new cases in the community, the Ministry of Health said. "These orders allowing larger groups and more capacity will lift up small businesses, keep schools open and get us closer to normal".

Moderna, however, has confirmed its next shipment on February 22 will be only 168,000, two-thirds of what had been promised. Moderna, which delivers once every three weeks right now, shipped 180,000 doses last week. That was only 80 per cent of the promised amount.

Australian city Melbourne begins 3rd lockdown due to cluster
The Queensland border will close to Greater Melbourne from 1.00am tomorrow, in the wake of Victoria's latest coronavirus outbreak. The sixth day of the Australian Open will also be the first of the new lockdown for the city of Melbourne .

A spokesperson for Curative, the company managing the site, told The Boston Globe it did not want to waste any additional doses and so, it offered patients who already had appointments scheduled later in the week the option of receiving their dose that afternoon instead.

The experts have said that the recipients will not need to take a second dose exactly at the 28 day mark, but a window of two weeks will be given.

"The vaccine will certainly create antibodies after the second dose, and as soon as I will find out this, I will go and see my family", Koc said, noting vaccination is the only condition for the pandemic to end.

He himself had Covid-19 in March 2020 and made a decision to get just one dose of a vaccine. "But the provinces have solid plans", he said.

Turkish citizens over 70 also started to get their first doses from Thursday.

He says only one to five per cent of people feel unwell enough not to work after the second vaccination, but many report feeling worn out and he urges recipients to speak to their health-care provider if symptoms last longer than three days. There will be a second session Friday in French.

Data from the Department of Health Services shows 10.4 percent of white residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, compared to 2.9 percent of African American residents.