Sunday, 28 February, 2021

More than 15 million in United Kingdom get first COVID vaccine, says minister

More than 15 million in UK get first COVID vaccine, says minister Rwanda says COVID-19 vaccination has begun
Deanna Wagner | 15 February, 2021, 21:06

Today, altogether 13,768 beneficiaries received the Covid jabs, even as the administering of the second dose began for healthcare workers who had received the first jab 28 days ago, a senior official said.

It comes as ministers said the United Kingdom was on track to meet its pledge of offering a vaccine to everyone in the top four priority groups by Monday. These categories are laid out in the Ministry of Health's guidance on health care worker prioritization.

The province offered new guidance to regional medical officers of health as supply of the COVID-19 vaccines starts to gradually increase.

Staff and essential caregivers in long-term care homes, high-risk retirement homes and First Nations elder care homes, and any residents of these settings that have not yet received a first dose of vaccine.

Indigenous adults in northern remote and higher risk communities, including on reserves and in urban communities.

Adults 80 years of age and older.

This applies to all who receive their first dose with the exception of residents of long-term care, high-risk retirement and First Nations elder care homes, those 80 and older, and residents in other types of congregate care homes for seniors.

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Staff, residents and caregivers in retirement homes and other congregate care settings for seniors.

Adult recipients of chronic home care.

He added that the Ontario government has almost finished offering a first dose to all residents of long-term care homes and high-risk retirement homes in the province.

He wrote in his blog at today that the vaccines provided under the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme had been tested on tens of thousands of people before they were approved.

Earlier this week, the state government also began vaccinating COVID-19 frontline warriors, including police personnel, home guards, civic employees, staffers of revenue and panchayat departments, the official added.

In Ontario, an estimated 467,626 doses have been administered and 174,643 people are now fully vaccinated.