Thursday, 25 February, 2021

US House Democrats advance US$1.9t Covid-19 aid Bill

US President Joe Biden waves as he returns to the White House in Washingt US President Joe Biden waves as he returns to the White House in Washingt
Ginger Lawrence | 20 February, 2021, 07:52

Biden toured a Pfizer vaccine manufacturing plant in Portage, Michigan, amid efforts to ramp up production, with only about 15 per cent of the United States population vaccinated against the coronavirus so far.

"Republican leaders, searching for a way to derail the proposal, on Friday led a final attempt to tarnish the package, labeling it a 'payoff to progressives.' The bill, they said, spends too much and includes a liberal wish list of programs like aid to state and local governments - which they call a 'blue state bailout, ' though many states facing shortfalls are controlled by Republicans - and increased benefits for the unemployed, which they argued would discourage people from looking for work", the newspaper reported. "I'm open to that". "We have the plan and the fiscal space, we have the American people behind us, and now we have the bill to get it done".

"My hope is that Republicans in Congress listen to their constituents", Biden said.

"Any further action should be smart and targeted, not just an imprecise deluge of borrowed money that would direct huge sums toward those who don't need it", said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican.

"We need Congress to pass my American rescue plan that deals with the immediate crisis, the urgency", Biden said. "This game of chicken where hostages are being taken, and the hostages are America's small businesses", Scalise stated.

Democrats control narrow majorities in both the House and Senate. That it costs $1.9 trillion. Referring to Republican critics, Biden said, "Let me ask them what would they have me cut, what would they have me leave out".

And Google settle long pay fight with global news pact
Last month, Silva told a parliamentary hearing Google would pull its search engine from Australia if the so-called News Media Bargaining Code became law.

Budget reconciliation prevents a Senate filibuster, lowering the threshold of passage from 60 votes to 50.

The provision faces multiple difficulties: Republicans oppose it and at least two moderate Senate Democrats have warned they, too, would vote against it, which would sink the wage increase in a Senate split 50-50.

House Democrats on Friday unveiled the text of their proposed $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, which President Joe Biden pitched during a trip to MI.

More importantly, the Senate parliamentarian might prohibit the measure altogether, under arcane Senate rules governing "reconciliation" Bills such as this one that allow it to move through the chamber by simple majority votes. "That commitment will remain unshaken whether or not this can be done through reconciliation".

"I believe we'll be approaching normalcy by the end of this year", Biden said.