Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

Biden polls positive for first 100 days in office

WASHINGTON DC- APRIL 20 Sen. Joe Manchin D-WV. speaks during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing to examine the American Jobs Plan focusing on infrastructure climate change and investing in our nations future Biden polls positive for first 100 days in office
Adrian Cunningham | 26 April, 2021, 13:06

The South Carolina senator has not shied away from talking about the realities of being Black in America, discussing how he too has faced discrimination, including the Capitol Police not trusting him when he said he was a senator and being stopped repeatedly by law enforcement while driving.

"I've noticed that everyone's for infrastructure", Biden said.

However, progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives have been delighted by Mr Biden's first 100 days. In an interview Sunday, Manchin said the best politics is "good government", adding "one-party-thinking" will get the country nowhere.

Mr. Manchin is one of the most closely watched members of the Senate, given the chamber has a 50-50 split between Republicans and the Democratic caucus, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the deciding vote in case of a tie. He says Democrats should work with Republicans on areas of agreement before pivoting to a second, broader package that Democrats pass along party lines.

The proposal also includes an additional $65 billion for broadband infrastructure.

Business Roundtable President & CEO Joshua Bolten said: 'Business Roundtable welcomes the release of the Senate Republican framework as an important step toward bipartisan negotiations on infrastructure investment, ' said Business Roundtable President & CEO Joshua Bolten.

Joe Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Defying Turkey In Historic Move
The ministry added that Israel and all world countries have a "responsibility to make sure such events never recur". Biden before taking office called Erdogan an autocrat and voiced support for Turkey's opposition.

'The president has said from the beginning that he would welcome any good faith effort to find common ground, because the only unacceptable step would be inaction, ' she said at her daily press briefing.

She said she would resume discussions Monday.

Manchin, a Democrat, has opposed some of Biden's policy proposals, including his hike of the corporate tax rate. Manchin said he believed the tax should be set in between at 25%. The plan would be paid for over 15 years by raising the corporate tax rate to 28% from 21% and imposing a higher global minimum rate on USA businesses.

"I'm going to talk to Joe about it", Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in November - chose to flex his muscles over the decision in a public fashion. "I want to make sure it doesn't hurt the economy". "$568 billion is a lot of money". 'We urge policymakers to continue negotiations and come together on a balanced and bipartisan approach that prioritizes physical infrastructure'.

Said Mr. Graham, "There's probably an $800 billion and $900 billion infrastructure bill that we could all agree on".