Friday, 16 April, 2021

Egypt: 22 mummies move to new museum in grand parade

A convoy of vehicles transporting royal mummies is seen in Cairo on Saturday A convoy of vehicles transporting royal mummies is seen in Cairo on Saturday
Adrian Cunningham | 04 April, 2021, 06:40

Archaeologists discovered the mummies in two batches at the complex of mortuary temples of Deir Al Bahari in Luxor and at the nearby Valley of the Kings beginning in 1871.

Performers dressed in ancient Egyptian costume march at the start of the parade of 22 ancient Egyptian royal mummies departing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

To celebrate the opening of the mummies and central exhibition hall at the the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, the Chairman of the "Kenouz Egypt Factory for Archaeological replicas" Hisham Shaarawy announced a 20 percent discount on all company products until May 5.

The parade will also include the mummies of Ramses II, who ruled for 67 years, and Queen Hatshepu1871t, the most powerful female pharaoh.

The "museum has what it takes to preserve (mummies), the best is one of the best museums we have", Waleed el-Batoutti, adviser to the tourism and antiquities ministry, told state television.

And the CEO of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Ahmed Ghoneim announced that there would be a 50 percent reduction in the museum's Arabic catalogue as well.

In their new home, they will be showcased individually, each next to a sarcophagus, and in some cases, a statue, in an environment redolent of underground royal tombs.

Discovered in 1922, the tomb of the young ruler, who took the throne briefly in the 14th century BC, contained treasures including gold and ivory. The remains of Ramses II were taken to Paris in 1976 for intensive restoration work by French scientists.

The made-for-TV parade was part of Egypt's efforts to attract foreign tourists by publicizing its ancient artifacts.

Egypt: 22 mummies move to new museum in grand parade
Egypt gears up for pharaohs' 'Golden Parade'

"This parade is a unique global event that will not be repeated", declared Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany.

Security is tight in the capital, with authorities closing off major streets and intersections all along the route for the slow-moving vehicles.

"I invite all Egyptians and the whole world to follow this unique event, inspired by the spirit of the great ancestors, who preserved the nation and created a civilization of which all humans are proud..."

"Again, Egypt dazzles the world with an unrivalled event", said movie star Hussein Fahmy in an official promotional video.

The parade will also be live-streamed online for people outside of Cairo to watch.

Afters of preparation, Egypt's historic Pharaohs' Golden Parade is set to kick off at at 6PM Cairo time Saturday 3 April 2021.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation was completed in 2010, and "I was planning to open this museum in 2012", Hawass said.

The new museum opened its doors to limited exhibits from 2017 and will open fully on Sunday, before the mummies go on display to the general public from April 18.

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