Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

Biden administration to pursue 'practical' North Korea nuclear diplomacy

North Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympic Games Biden administration to pursue 'practical' North Korea nuclear diplomacy
Cecil Davis | 02 May, 2021, 06:51

"So for the USA to keep emphasizing the threat, it keeps focus on the negative aspects of the relationship and will elicit negative responses", she said.

"His statement clearly reflects his intent to keep enforcing the hostile policy toward the DPRK as it had been done by the USA for over half a century", he said, using the initials for North Korea's official name. Instead, the administration will take a "practical approach" that will explore diplomacy with North Korea and aim for "practical progress" to increase the security of the USA and its allies. The Bush administration removed North Korea from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism and took other steps in exchange for Pyongyang's actions, which included disabling certain nuclear facilities.

"Our goal remains the complete de-nuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula with a clear understanding that the efforts of the past four administrations have not achieved this objective", Psaki told reporters on Air Force One as Biden travelled to Philadelphia.

The announcement, which comes 100 days into the Biden presidency, touches on one of the most anticipated elements of the new USA leader's foreign policy for America's East Asian allies.

North Korea, so far, has refused diplomatic entreaties from the Biden administration.

"We consulted closely with outside experts and our predecessors from several previous administrations and our way forward draws from their lessons learned and shared", Psaki said.

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She added that the USA would continue to consult with the Republic of Korea (ROK), Japan, and other allies and partners on this issue. South Korea and Australia are attending the meeting as guests.

However, within Psaki's comments were two jabs: One to the Obama administration's strategy of patience and the other to President Trump's direct negotiations with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Biden met Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga two weeks ago and is to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in on May 21 at the White House.

Denuclearization talks between Pyongyang and Washington have stalled since the summit talks between Kim and Trump ended fruitless at the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi in February 2019. In an interview last week with The New York Times, Moon said the USA should sit down with North Korea to move toward a nuclear deal.

In a third statement on Sunday, Kim Yo Jong, a senior official in the government and sister of leader Kim Jong Un, sharply criticized South Korea for failing to stop defector activists from launching anti-North Korea leaflets. Those tests were not prohibited under United Nations sanctions. North Korea has made a series of derisive statements against Seoul, including Kim Yo Jong calling Moon "a parrot raised by America" after he criticized the North's recent missile launches.

The missile launches followed a trip by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Japan and South Korea last month as Washington pushes to restore its alliances in Asia.