Sunday, 24 October, 2021

Biden revokes Trump order for building "National Garden of American Heroes"

Biden Dissolves Controversial Trump Orders On Race And Culture Biden revokes Trump orders on social media, statues and migrants
Deanna Wagner | 15 May, 2021, 11:27

On Friday, Mr Biden also scrapped his predecessor's orders taking aim at social media "censorship" and for all United States foreign aid to be branded with a logo reflecting "the values and generosity of the American people".

No explanation for the cancellation was given.

The envisioned garden was a pet project of Trump's that he first announced in July 2020, and then updated two days before leaving office. They included the late Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, who died of cancer in September 2020 aged 87.

Figures for Trump's statue park were far-reaching, ranging from Muhammad Ali and Annie Oakley to Jesse Owens and Rosa Parks to Walt Disney, basketball player Kobe Bryant and not to mention Grover Cleveland, Alex Trebek and...

Aside from the sculpture garden of American Heroes, Biden also canceled an order that sought to protect Confederate-era monuments.

The rollback blitz was announced by the White House without much fanfare in a statement saying Biden had used the "authority vested" in him to scrap former President Donald Trump's orders, several of which were issued in the lame-duck period after the 2020 election.

Gaza violence: Israel carries out attacks on Gaza Strip
At least 119 Palestinians, including 31 children, have been killed and more than 830 wounded since hostilities flared on Monday. China on Friday accused the United States of "ignoring the suffering" of Palestinians, after Washington blocked a scheduled U.N.

Mr Trump issued an order in June 2020 instructing the federal government "to prosecute to the fullest extent" any person "that destroys, damages, vandalizes, or desecrates a monument, memorial, or statue".

The former president took the two measures in response to protests and vandalism targeting monuments of controversial historic figures amid nationwide demonstrations against racial injustice in the wake of the death of African American George Floyd on May 25 past year.

But no site was selected and the garden was never funded by Congress. These demonstrations later spread around the world.

After Trump's posts following the January 6 Capitol riots, Twitter and Facebook barred Trump from posting on their sites, and the following day FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said he would not act on Trump's request to limit social media liability protections.

"My Administration is committed to expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare", including for non-citizens, Mr Biden said as he revoked that proclamation.

Joe Biden also shot down a Donald Trump proclamation that required immigrants to prove that certain health insurance plans would cover them within 30 days of entering the U.S.