Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

18th-century villa in Geneva park to host Biden-Putin summit

18th-century villa in Geneva park to host Biden-Putin summit Biden praises US troops and families during speech in England
Cecil Davis | 11 June, 2021, 15:48

Among the 1,011 Canadians who took part in the survey, the percentage of those with a favourable view of the USA hit 61 per cent, up from 35 per cent last year - a finding that largely mirrors the median result across 12 countries that were surveyed in both years.

President Joe Biden talks to reporters prior to boarding Air Force One as he departs on travel to attend the G-7 Summit in England, the first foreign trip of his presidency, from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, June 9, 2021.

12 countries registered big increases in US favorability since Biden replaced Trump.

"Who knows at this point", he said.

While in Brussels, Biden will also take part in a U.S-EU summit, during which the administration says he will focus on aligning approaches to trade and technology.

Throughout his trip, Biden said he hopes to present a different view of the US than former President Donald Trump, who often contended that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies were not for the most part contributing their fair share to support the seven-decade-old Western military alliance.

'This was especially true among key American allies and partners'.

The president also said he will be reassuring allies about the US role in the world.

Whoever is in power, few in Western Europe believe the USA considers their interests.

Trudeau says Canada will open borders for fully vaccinated global travellers
Doing so, they said, "would sustain jobs, boost business confidence and allow more families to reunite. The Prime Minister, however, did not offer any timeline for reopening the border.

"We are not seeking conflict with Russian Federation; we want a stable, predictable relationship", stated the Democrat.

Biden made the same point when he arrived. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the G7 leaders would announce a new initiative to "provide financing for physical, digital and health infrastructure" in the developing world - an alternative to China's Belt and Road initiative.

The Pew research was based on phone interviews with more than 16,000 adults from 16 nations from March to May of this year.

Biden's speech reflected the overall theme for his trip: "America is here to lead with strength".

Across 16 publics, German Chancellor Angela Merkel received slightly higher ratings than Biden. The Queen has met with every American president since she's been on the throne, except for Lyndon B. Johnson.

He said it was the "best possible way to start this trip". Another 23% do not believe it has ever been a good example.

At the G-7 summit, the White House said Biden "will reinforce our commitment to multilateralism, work to advance key USA policy priorities on public health, economic recovery and inclusive growth, and demonstrate solidarity and shared values among major democracies".

'More than half in most of the publics surveyed say the USA does not take their interests into account when it is making foreign policy decisions, although fewer feel this way in Japan, Greece and Germany'.