Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Husband admits he killed wife in Athens, made up story about robbers

British student Caroline Crouch 20 with her pilot husband British student Caroline Crouch 20 with her pilot husband Credit Instagram
Sandy Nunez | 18 June, 2021, 20:37

Caroline Crouch, 20, was killed in the home she lived in with her husband and 11-month-old daughter on the outskirts of Athens on May 11.

Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, initially told detectives his wife was murdered by thieves who broke into their home in the early hours of 11 May and tied them up.

The 33-year-old on Thursday confessed to killing his 20-year-old wife in their house in Glyka Nera after police confronted him with evidence from the dead woman's smartphone and his mobile device that contradicted his testimony regarding the alleged time of her death.

Anagnostopoulos played the game for as long as he could, even posing as a grieving husband on social media with statements like "sad that our daughter will grow up without remembering her lovely mother, who was the joy of my life".

He reportedly confessed after more than eight hours of interrogation, with Hellenic Police confirming he had "admitted to his actions", reports the Mirror Online.

Their daughter was unharmed, but the family dog was found choked to death on a leash, hanging from a staircase rail, authorities said. Police had issued a 300,000 Euro (£262,000) reward for information.

The police announced on Thursday (17 June) that new evidence had come to light and that Mr Anagnostopoulos had been brought in for questioning after attending a memorial service on the island of Alonissos, where Ms Crouch grew up.

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Deputies discovered three people, one adult male, one adult female, and one youngster, dead from gunshot wounds when they arrived. Spokesperson Teri Barbera for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said that the incident was not an active shooter situation.

A strangely impassive Anagnostopoulos returned to the property later on the day of the attack and gave a statement to waiting media.

A Greek man has confessed to murdering his young British wife, admitting he strangled the mother-of-one when she threatened to leave him.

He had previously described the murderer as tall, dark-skinned, overweight and under 30 years old.

Then police reviewed data from her smartwatch, discovering that her heartbeat flatlined before the time he told police the robbers arrived. "It was a nightmare", he said.

"Police are doing their job and they will catch them".

Earlier this month, police asked the public for "patience" after admitting they still had not found a getaway auto or any suspects in the alleged crime, the New York Post reported.