Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

No evidence mystery UFOs are alien spacecraft, report finds: NYTimes

Footage released by DoD of unidentified flying object Footage released by DoD of unidentified flying object
Adrian Cunningham | 04 June, 2021, 17:38

Former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves says the frequency of UFO sightings over restricted airspace is a security threat.

In March, Politico wrote, citing incumbent and former officials, that some military and spy agencies have shown reluctance, if not outright resistance, to share the classified information, with some individuals suggesting that the upcoming report won't be comprehensive and will fail to satisfy the interest of the public and officials.

While UFO experts have applauded recent moves by the USA government to share more information about unknown aerial encounters reported over the last several decades, many remain sceptical that the upcoming report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other agencies will provide a comprehensive look at the issue.

The report concedes that much about the observed phenomenon remains hard to explain, including their acceleration, ability to change direction and submerge. It was officially shut down in 2012 when the money dried up, according to the Pentagon.

Mr Obama told The Late Late Show last month there really were aerial objects that couldn't be explained.

Weeks ahead of an eagerly anticipated government report covering the dozens of unidentified flying objects seen by Navy pilots for over a decade, senior administration officials briefed on the findings told The New York Times that there's no evidence the sightings are of alien technology-but no evidence they are not, either. The law ordering the report says it must address the matter of whether the UFOs pose a threat to United States national security and the security of its forces.

Biden tells intelligence agencies to look deeper into COVID origins
This revelation comes at a time when there's a renewed focus on the Wuhan Lab Leak theory over Coronavirus origins. The Senate passed a bill to declassify what the U.S. government knows about the origins of Covid-19.

"I don't know who's building it, who's got the technology, who's got the brains". But government officials said they also wanted to remove the stigma for service members who report UFO sightings in the hope that more would be encouraged to speak up if they saw something. Navy pilots reported to their superiors that the objects had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes, but that they could reach 30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds.

The US Defence Department has long resisted releasing details about UFO sightings but will this month release a report. "We're good at manufacturing arguments for each other", Obama said.

Officials briefed on the report said it also examined video that shows a whitish oval object described as a giant Tic Tac, about the size of a commercial plane, encountered by two Navy fighter jets off the coast of San Diego in 2004.

The former president recently spoke on the upcoming report, saying the government has videos of objects that officials struggle to explain.

Some reports say that the much-anticipated dossier will likely be delayed due to the limited amount of time provided for it to be drawn up. The Pentagon has been given 180 days to compile the report, which some officials say is not enough to provide a detailed insight into the issue. An unclassified version of the report is expected to be presented to Congress by June 25. The provenance of the object is still unknown, the officials said.