Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Over 10,000 Daily UK Covid Cases For First Time In 4 Months

Lewys Williams and Ms Harris 2 deaths from COVID-19 Delta variant in Alberta, 1 patient was fully immunized
Ginger Lawrence | 19 June, 2021, 01:32

Britain on Thursday recorded 11,007 new daily coronavirus cases, with the emergence of the Delta variant pushing the figure above 10,000 for the first time since late February.

New data published this week by the PHE showed the AstraZeneca vaccine is 92 percent effective against hospitalization from the Delta variant after two doses, and the Pfizer vaccine is 96 percent effective against hospitalisation after two doses.

"PHE's weekly COVID-19 variant cases data show that numbers of the Delta variant in the United Kingdom have risen by 33,630 since last week to a total of 75,953", PHE reports.

Some 33,630 cases of the variant were recorded in the last week, according to the PHE.

Last week, the Delta variant made up 90% of COVID cases across the UK. 527 of these were unvaccinated, and only 84 of the 806 had received both doses.

It finds that deaths are not high, as the case fatality rate remains low for Delta.

RCMP Officer Killed In Saskatchewan
Tim Taylor said he heard sirens at 8 a.m., adding there have been many officers in the community ever since. Anyone who wants to send condolences to the wife, family, friends and colleagues of Const.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday a four-week delay to the final step of England's roadmap out of COVID-19 restrictions until July 19, amid a surge in cases of the Delta variant.

NON-ESSENTIAL travel over the Irish border could be prohibited in the coming weeks due to the concerning rise of the Delta variant on the island of Ireland.

"The increase is primarily in younger age groups, a large proportion of which were unvaccinated but are now being invited to receive the vaccine". "It is encouraging to see that hospitalisations and deaths are not rising at the same rate but we will continue to monitor it closely", she said.

"So we're pressing ahead to try to make sure we have those remaining staff members offered the vaccine, taking up the vaccine, but if you can do it voluntarily then I think that is a much stronger basis from which to go on persuading people to do the right thing".

"Just because it's another mRNA vaccine, we can not presume all mRNA vaccines are the same, because each one has a slightly different technology", Swaminathan said, adding the surprise failure underscored the value of robust clinical trials to test new products.