Being a celebrity means you’re going to have cameras in your face at all times. Whether it’s paparazzi, red carpet events, or simply your own phone snagging a selfie, your face is going to be plastered in way more places than just your Facebook feed. That’s why it’s not hard […]

Hockey news, fashion tips, TV and movie listings, retirement strategies, updates on Céline Dion — all of this information now constitutes local media —at least according to federal Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly. Monday, Nov. 27 marked a black spot in the history of Canadian newspapers with the closure of three […]

(Reuters Health) – Women with breast cancer who have one or both breasts removed are less likely to get immediate reconstruction surgery at hospitals that are struggling financially, a U.S. study suggests. Most women with breast cancer have some type of surgery – either a lumpectomy that removes malignant tissue […]

Undefined jawlines and saggy neck skin seem to be the brunt for millions of women. Aging is not the sole cause for them, and surgery is far from the only solution. We talked to Dr. Amelia K. Hausauer about the contributing factors to less-than-perfect jawline and neck and the procedures available.   […]

Actor Dion Johnstone portrays Ira Aldridge in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of “Red Velvet.” (Photo by Liz Lauren) Actors Dion Johnstone (Ira Aldridge, right) and Pierre LaPorte (Greg Matthew Anderson) in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of “Red Velvet.” (Photo by Liz Lauren) Actors Dion Johnstone (Ira Aldridge) and Chaon Cross […]

Obsessed to stay ageless not only infected women, as a prove you may compared entertainer Wayne Newton before and after plastic surgery picture. Well actually I won’t say anything since its common that plastic surgery before and after for celebrity including Wayne Newton case will leads pros and cons. But […]

What everyone thought was cleared smoke following the fiery beef between singer-songwriter Kevin McCall and R&B star Chris Brown has flared up yet again at the close of 2017. And according to the L.A. native’s latest shots sent to Breezy, he’s ready for a physical one-on-one with Breezy this time around.

Pioneering doctors have replaced a two-year-old girl’s malformed thumb – using her index finger. The bizarre operation has given the unnamed toddler, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, complete control of her hand.  Before the unusual procedure, she struggled to use her right hand because of the congenital malformation, […]