We are a Company dedicated to the welfare of our members, we spend many hours every day to bring you the best information, and opportunities for Union Members, City .I don’t know anyone who actually likes Carol Vorderman. She does seem like a greedy, money grabbing, attention seeking media wand […]

Courteney has gone public with regrets over her plastic surgery with insiders saying her obsession nearly wrecked her relationship with Johnny McDaid!.Read plastic surgery reviews and testimonials left by actual patients of Khoobehiociates Plastic Surgery..I am a Disfigured Victim of Botched Plastic Surgery in Korea and Seoul Touchup is responsible. […]

The millions of Canadians who watched the broadcast of the Tragically Hip’s final concert a summer ago did not see the full version of front man Gord Downie. His cancer and treatments had diminished his physicality. A once-agile rock god was working at less than full power. He moved in […]

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A Canadian model who has been featured on over 600 magazine covers Linda Evangelista revealed she has undergone plastic  surgery for Botox treatment. We may say that Linda Evangelista is worth to be supermodel due her attractive appearance. Her Canadian descent makes her really adorable and attractive. But no matter […]

Julie Bowen an American film and television actress playing as Claire Dunphy on the 2009 till present sitcom Modern Family looks very great with plastic surgery. Of course it just rumor that this 43 years old woman has undergone plastic surgery to look great and stay ageless. But looking at […]

Although many people say that Vivica Fox breast fake, but I would love to say that her breast looks much better after plastic surgery compared than before. An American actress and television producer recently revealed and agreed about the plastic surgery rumor for the breast implant. 48 years old actress […]

I would like to say that Cher looks better and amazing after the plastic surgery procedure than before. Cher 66 years old American singer and actress who has been called the Goddess of Pop gave us a lot of significant changing before and after plastic surgery procedure done. Cher herself […]

Recently American television personality JWoww started to admit each plastic surgery allegation that was accused of her. She may hasn’t admitted those all completely, but its likely this 27 years old woman doesn’t try to hide them all. Jennifer “Jenni” Farley may reign her tittle Queen of plastic surgery after […]

An American movie and television actress Sela Ward admits about the plastic surgery rumor that was accused of her from very long time ago. But Sela Ward underlined that she has undergone plastic surgery for minor facial work done by getting a routine Botox injection. Sela Ward who gaining her […]