When Kate Beckinsale was 39 years old and promote “reboot of Total Recall” as her film, she looks so young and beautiful. Public wondered that she has had plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearances. Kate Beckinsale denied that she has a surgical procedure to keep her young looking. Kate […]

Jocelyn Wildenstein shocks the world with her extreme action to be a catty woman. Maybe she is a fan of superhero Catty Woman, and wants to have appearances like her. In the film, catty woman just normal woman that uses extreme makeup and costume so she has appearances like a […]

The famous singer and songwriter Barry Manilow have lots of fans, thanks for the hits included Copacabana, Could It Be Magic, then Mandy, and Can’t Smile without You. 70 years old Barry Manilow has bright career as a singer, he has ever collaborated with some famous singer. Behind his bright […]

Everyone must have been familiar with this rising star, Gordon Ramsay, who has been one of the successful television stars in the recent years.  Some people may know him as a chef and restaurateur but some also know him as television personality. Since he often appears on television, he realized […]

Shayne Lamas who is best known as American reality television show star has shocked public when she revealed that she went back to plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, butt lift, and liposuction procedure whereas she previously had been accused of having rhinoplasty. How well was her additional plastic surgery formed? […]

Keira Knightley who is lately known as one of the stars in Pirates of the Caribbean film series is being charged of having some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. Some believed that she possibly has rhinoplasty and lip injection but how far is their truth? Knightley who was […]

Everybody must have not been strange with Kate Winslet who has been familiar since she played well in Titanic film. However, since her old is not considerably young anymore but her appearance does not reflect any aging signs at all. Hence she is now being rumored to have plastic surgery […]

Nicolas Cage who was born on 7th January 1964 is best known by worldwide people as an American actor, producer, and film director. In his old age, he was accused of getting a hair transplant to prevent the balding on his head which was considerably formed conservatively so his balding […]

Plastic surgery is not always dominated by beautiful actresses but men nowadays apparently attempt to follow in the footsteps of Eve in maintaining their beauty through surgery procedures. And the latest news reportedly Simon Cowell has undergone some aesthetic surgeries to enhance his appearance. How well his surgical procedures were […]

Haylie Katherine Duff who was born on 19th February 1985 is best known by American people as an actress and singer-songwriter but some people may also know her as food blogger. Her name became popular when she was having role in the television series 7th Heaven in which she was […]